Who Owned Your Life? 

What is life?

The principle or force consider underlining the distinctive quality of animate being, is what is term life. What is living has life and moved. While in death movement ceased.

Again, life can be defined as the ability to breathe, grow, reproduce which people, animals, and plants have before they die which object such as cars, tables, buildings etc do not have.

The scripture says “the time came when the Lord God formed a man body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life and man become a living being” (Gen 2:7 LFB)

From the scripture above, it is clear that man was like every other object such as a car, table etc. Not until God breathed into it to become a living being. This simply shows that the life that man lives is not owned by him but by someone else which is God our creator. As such, he (God) takes charge of everything that has to do with it (life).

Do You Recognized Your Life Owner?

But man has failed to recognize this very fact about life. And he take the laws of life into his hands by saying “I own my life and I choose the way I want to live it.” Leaving behind the guidelines of  the owner of life. This lead to tragedy on the side of man’s decision concerning life.

Up till now, many people are still in this state of their life owner while some are trying and striving to locate their life owner in a wrong source and direction. It will be an abnormality for a man who needs palm oil, palm cannel, cannel shell, and cannel cream to go about searching for each of these items individually. But it will be of a great sense and favour for him to source for the palm fruit (bagga fruit) which contain all the items that he needs.

The life which God gives contains all that man needed to live it. If only we can recognizes God as the one that owned our life, life will be very sweet. It is, therefore, my earnest prayer that after study these few words, your life will turn around for better things in Jesus name.

Do Someone Own Your life?

A typical answer to the above question is YES. Someone owns your lives. If not so, one could have lived without any limitation or problem.

Absolutely, the life we lived today is not own by ourselves as such, many forces act on it and influence it if we fail or do not follow the instruction of the owner. This is seen in Jesus life when he was in the wilderness. And Satan the devil came to him and said; “get food by changing the stones into loaves of bread, it will prove, you are the son of God”. But Jesus said to him (Satan) “no! For the scripture tell us that bread won’t feed men’s soul but obedient to every word of God is what we need” (matth. 4:3-4 living faith bibles)

From the above scripture, our savior Jesus knew that the life in him is not owned by him as such, when the forces of nature (temptation) came upon him, He overcomes by using the instructions of his life owner.

What People Say About Their Life.

One may say I own my life. And so, I will live it the way I choose or want to live it. This is typically not true. Because, if it were to be so, no one on earth could have been having or facing problems. Such as poverty life, destructive demonic spirit, lack of wants, undesirable conditions etc. in life. Because everything will work out for us the way we plan it. And the bible says “many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.” For this very reason, one will not be able to get the best out of life without following the owner instruction. The life in you is not owned by you.

This life owner instruction is also seen in the usage of our material things such as electrical appliances, vehicles, all kinds of engine etc. the builder or manufacturer always package this equipment with their operating and installation manual to avoid hazard during and after installation and usage. A slight mistake in the instruction given will lead to either loss of life or the equipment.

Manual of Owner Of Life

The owner of our lives gives us an operating manual which contains his instruction and commandment. This manual is the Holy Bible.

Who Owned Your Life - The Manual Of Life

Whenever we claim to take charge of our lives calamities are always at the corner waiting for us. This is seen in the life of Cain who chooses to do all he wants. Forgetting that his life is in the hands of God. And he said “my punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold, you have driven me from the face of the land, and from your face, I will be hidden; and I will be a fugitive and a vagabond and a wanderer on the earth. And whoever finds me will kill me” (Gen. 4:13-14 Amp)

Another person that receives punishment for claiming to own life and rule his life is Nebuchadnezzar. In the Bible book of Daniel chapter 4 verses 30. Whenever we try to use our own directives in the piloting of lives affair, tragedy is the end product of our decision. May the almighty God have mercy on us in Jesus name, Amen



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