Who is Our Source of Life? – Abuse of source of our life                

“Who is Our source of life?” Source: This is a place, person or thing from which something comes or is obtained. Everything that exists on the surface of the earth, come from something or was caused to exist by someone.  This very fact is dominant in the life of many people which become a tormentor on them.

In the Bible book of (Gen 1:1-5) the bible says. “When God began creating the heaven and the earth, the earth was void and shapeless. And the spirit of God brooding over the dark vapours. Then God said let there be light and there was light. And God was pleased with it and divided the light from the darkness. So he let it shine for a while and then there was darkness again. He called the light daytime and the dark time (night).” From the scripture above, everything that exists on the surface of the earth was caused to exist by God Almighty. He owns everything that lives or dwell on the surface of the earth. (Psalm 24).

Who is Our Source of Life? - Abuse of source of our life 

Plans of God, As Our Source of Life.

It is of importance to note that the source of our life as used in this context, parked all we need to live a blissful life in a package known as plan. It is obvious that when one does not know his/her source of life or living there is a tendency to abuse it.

In the book of (Exo 17:6) and the bible says “And God said to Moses take the elders of Israel with you and lead the people to mountain Horeb. I will meet you there at the rock, Touch it with your rod the same way you touch the Nile with and water will come pouring out enough for everyone”

Abuse of source of our life

Moses strict the rock due to anger in him as a result of the complain of the Israelite. Moses did not know that the rock is the source of his life and so he abuse it. As a result of this abuse, he was cause not to see the promise land. Dear brethren, “If a man did not know where he/she is coming from, he/she cannot equally know where he/she is going to”.

There is no man on earth who will misbehave in his/her place of work where his/her daily meal is coming from. For the day he/she does, he/she will be thrown out to dance to the music of hardship of life. If this is true, while then are we abusing God with our ways of life, style of life and attitude even with the wealth he gave us?

What Shall We Do

And the Bible says in the book of (Deut. 8:18) “But thou shalt remember the lord thy God. For it is He that gave power to make wealth. That He may established his covenant which He swore auto the father as it is this day.”

It is time for everyone to know that whatever we have on this earth come from God for He is the source of everything. Whenever we recognized the source of our life and act on its cause, our month is always filled with laughter. In the book of (Gen. 21:1-3)and the Bible says. “then God did as He promised and Sarah became pregnant and Abraham a son in his old age, at the time God had said and Abraham name him Isaac meaning laughter”

Knowing the source of our life, create room for us to know his rules and regulations. This will make us to fully obey and abide with them. This in turn, will always land us in a huge success and laughter.


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