Who is a Great Man

A man (male/female) is always a man. What differentiates a particular man from other men is its achievement in life either positive or negative. It will be positive if it is of a good conduct. But it will be negative if it is of a bad or evil conduct. There are some people in various communities who we refer to as great men due to the kind of things they might have done in the society which may be detrimental to the people and the society at large. E.g. the notorious criminal called Lawrence nomamyagbon Anini of the then Bendel state now Edo and Delta in the 80s. Below are different category of power we might have refer to as greatness.

  1. Strong (giant) man
  2. Wealthy man
  3. Great man

A Strong (giant) Person

A strong man is a person that exhibit domination and victorious act through his physical power endowed in him by God. The strong or giant hood of a strong person is been measured through the number of time he goes out to war and come back victorious. E.g. Alexander the great of Macedon, a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. Another person is King David in the Holy Bible and Samson.

Who is a Great Man - Wealthy and Strong man

A Wealthy (rich) Man

A wealthy man is a person that has much money in a store which he/she can use to do anything that pleases him/her which may be good or bad. The wealth of a wealthy person is measured by the amount of money he/she has in bank account or storeroom.

Haven see the two definitions above, I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. The governor of a state is he/she a great person?
  2. Is Dagote a great man?
  3. The president of USA is he a great person?
  4. Nelson Mandela of South Africa is he a great person?
  5. Is Jesus Christ of Nazareth a great person?

A Great Man

From all the analysis stated above, in my own content through the help of the Holy Spirit define a great person as a person with the Godly kind of life as stated in Matthew5:14-16. That is to say, a person that affect people’s lives in a positive direction or way. This makes me say that “The greatness of anyone (male &female) is not measured by what he/she acquired material but by how many lifehe\she might have affected positively”. A good example of a great person is our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If you ask me to pick from the list above, the only name I can refer to as a great person is Nelson Mandela of South Africa. At this junction, you will agree with me that the rest people are wealthy and strongmen.

Who is a Great Man - Wealthy and Strong man

NOTE: the greatness of anyone is not measured by what he or she has but by how many lives he or she might have affected positively. I therefore, urge everyone to be agreat in its generation just as Nehemiah did in its own time by standing to build his father city fence and gate as stated in the Bible.


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