What is Bible? – Facts about the Bible

The word Bible is an English word which originated from the Greek word Biblia which means “books” while the facts about the bible are the important things we need to know about the Bible for better understanding.

What is Bible? - Facts about the Bible

Bible has no type as many people do say. It only has different versions due to different language translation and understanding of the original language (Hebrew, Greeks and Latin) as reveal to different scholar who put them into writing (scriptures). It is also, the name given to all the sacred collection in the fifth century.

It should be noted that the word “Bible” consist of two identity. As stated earlier, the word Bible and the content in it is called scriptures. Bible means the sacred or holy book while the content therein (writings) are called scriptures.

Facts about the Bible

The Bible consists of many misery and great facts which many are yet to understand. Below are some of the facts you need to know about the Holy Bible.

The Holy book called Bible:

This is the most superior book as it entails and contains all other book’s needs. But the application of the word BIBLE to the collected books of the Old and New Testaments is not to be traced farther back than the fifth century  

The Scriptures 

This is referring to as the writings in the Bible which is the record of what was spoken by God to his servants and prophets in different language, location and circumstance.

The Oracles (The spoken word)

These are the things spoken by God, because the Bible is the account of what God spoke to man, hence is also called the Word.

The Testaments (Covenants)

This is the testimony of God to man, the truths to which God bears witness. It is also the agreement of God with man for his salvation.

The Law 

This is an expression that contains Gods commands to men. What they must do, not do and is expected of them.

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