Hello everybody, thanks for all your effects for making it possible to go through my previous articles and now you guys are still reviewing, I promise you that you wouldn’t regret reading my articles. Today I bring you another article about Transportation, we all know what this is. That transportation is a true movement of people and goods from one place to another, that is the normal definition of transportation and we all know it. I don’t want to waste your time explaining what transportation is because it is not what is new to us. Quickly I will like every one of us to see how important transportation is to us.


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Importance of Transportation

Speaking of the importance of transportation, you should know the importance that this service is to each and every one of us. Because transportation has made our movement to be easy and fast. With this kind of service, we can go to our various workplaces or offices without being late. Okay, for example, that you are traveling to Lagos state and you are in delta state without transportation, how do you think you can get there on time. You see the importance of this service; it has imparted so many things into us and it even renders service of employment to people out there in one way or the other.

Types of Transportation

I know most of us learned this in school, about what we have here. We also learned that there are different types of transportations which are;

  • Land.
  • Water and,
  • Air.

These are the three main types of transportation and in each of these types that are listed here, there are also other types that are attached to them. Like we have land, it includes roads, the railway which as to do with train movement, underground movement and more. As for water, we have the ship, boat, underwater ship movement, and more. The last of it is air, air involves air moving devices like airplanes and all.

Companies in Nigeria

Let look into the types of transportation services or companies in Nigerian.

  • God is good motors, also known as (GIGM.COM).
  • Cross country transport Ltd.
  • Young shall grow transport.
  • Chisco transport service.
  • We also have a peace mass transport service or company.
  • ABC (Associated Bus Co. Plc) service.
  • G.U.O transport company.
  • Another transport service is known as Bonny way motors.
  • G. Agofure motor, (GAM).
  • Efosa express.
  • Iyare transport motors.
  • Benue links transport.
  • Bus.com.ng transport service.
  • OJ company.
  • Passagegold logistics company.

These are the list of some companies that render this kind of service to people and also goods.


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