Movement these days have been simplified and made much easier. It is no doubt that it is also faster. With the different devices for transportation introduced, they have to be categorized. This is where we get the means of transportation or Transportation Modes. Transportation modes or means of transportation are the different ways of which one can travel. There are quite a lot of transportation modes so we are only going to discuss the few recognized and most commonly used ones.

Transportation Modes

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However, whichever means of transportation you choose to use, there will always be one risk or another. No matter the situation, one thing is for sure, one mode of transportation will always be faster than one. But sometimes you just have to be careful since the fastest means of transportation might hold the most risk or danger. Now there are some factors that also affect the efficiency of transportation modes. Take for instance in a sand storm, it is not advisable in any way that you travel by car.

Different Types of Transportation Modes

As we have established so far, there are several modes or means of transportation but as we said, we are only going to take a look at the most commonly used ones. If you have not been paying attention so far, I suggest you start doing so.

Water Transportation

Water transportation is the kind of transportation that takes place in water bodies. There are several devices that aid transportation by water. With these devices, you can now travel by sea. Some of the devices that aids water transportation is boats, ships, jet ski and so on.

Air Transportation Modes

Air transportation as the name says is the means of transportation that aids in movement which is transportation by air. The devices that aid this kind of transportation namely helicopter, airplane, jet, etc. this means of transportation is usually used for long-distance travel.

Land Transportation

Transportation by land which is the movement of goods and services by land is the most common means of transportation. Now there are quite a lot of devices that aid this type of transportation. Some of these devices are cars, vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, and others more.

There are also other means of transportation but as I said earlier, we are only going to discuss the popular and most common means. For short distances, transportation by land is better while for long-distance travel transportation by air is faster but sometimes transportation by water is the fastest.


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