Have you ever thought of Transportation Companies before? transportation has played a very important role in society today. You see, without transportation, movement from place to place will be difficult. For example, imagine you moving to Warri from Ughelli on foot when do you think you will get to Warri. You see that transportation is really making it easier and faster for movement.

Transportation Companies

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Having known some of the benefits of transportation, they help make moving from one place to another to be possible. Well, there are some companies that aid in movement and they are called transportation companies. These transportation companies are the companies that aid and provide tools necessary for easy transportation.

Types of Transportation

There are several transportation companies scattered all over the world but in this article. I will only be talking about the transportation companies in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there are also several transportation companies of which work to aid transportation and movement simple. The companies are divided and work specifically under the different modes of transportation. Yes, of course, you should have already known that there are modern means of transportation. Below you will find some of the modern means of transportation and they are really helping in society or country today.

  • Air transportation.
  • Water transportation.
  • Rail transportation.
  • Road transportation etc.

There are different means of transportation listed above. This involves cars transportation, Airplane, train, and ships. Know that trains only move rail tracks, which means train transports cannot be used on water.

Nigeria Transportation Companies

Without wasting your precious time, I will like us to go straight to the point. You will find some of the transportation company’s names that are in Nigeria.

Akwa Mass Transit Company

You can find out about this company in Itam industrial layout, Uyo capital territory, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. Akwa mass transit company is mainly into bus transportation cargo services and also offers bus leasing.

Ammire Haulage

Ammire Haulage is another transportation company that deals with electronic transportation. In other to enables members to find and trade work to maximize their business. The mission of this company is to become one of the best leading electronic transportation company in Nigeria.

ASTAC Nigeria Limited

ASTAC Nigeria limited is one of Nigeria’s transportation consulting and contracting companies. It was founded in 1985.

Ekili Haulage

Ekili haulage is one of Nigerians reliable haulage and Transport companies. Although there is not much to say about the company, it is known to be just one of the good haulage companies in Nigeria.

Faith Motors

Faith motors limited is an inter and intracity transport company that offers bus services, rental/releasing services as well as partnership services.


There are different kinds of companies and some have been listed above. There are several reasons these companies exist and aid transportation. And each of these companies has its own advantages.


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