Transportation is necessary to move from place to place but the means of transportation is what determines the speed. Transportation buses help make movement from one place to another but what is it really about. We all know where buses move on. Buses are road vehicle which is designed in other to carry a large number of people at the same time. The people these transportation buses usually carried are known as passengers.

Transportation Buses

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The most common type of transport bus is the single-deck rigid bus. Most buses such as the city transit bus and intra city coaches charge a fare. Other buses such as the secondary school buses or shuttle buses do not charge a fare. These buses may be used for different transport services such as school transport, tourism and so on. The name bus was derived or clipped from the Latin adjectival form Omnibus. Omnibus means for all.

Types of Transportation Buses

As we have established, a bus is a large wheeled vehicle meant to carry many passengers along with the driver. It is far larger than a car and it was initially called Omnibus but it was shortened to the bus. There are different types of transportation buses. Below is a list of them and a short description.

Coach/Motor Coach

The Coach/Motor Coach is a bus that is often used for long-distance travel with as much comfort as possible wand more room. These kinds of buses also have fewer doors than a city bus.

School Bus

A school bus as the name literally suggests is a bus that takes people to their school or university. In America, all school buses are known to be yellow. For other countries, it may differ.

Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus usually drives between places without many stops. It is commonly used for sports events. It is used to travel to places where lots of people meet, probably at airports, stadiums and so on.

Mini Transportation Buses

A Minibus is said to be usually smaller than normal buses. It is used in carrying at least between eight to twenty-five people. It does not carry over twenty-five people. Mini-buses are on most occasions faster.

Double Decker Bus

A double-decker bus is a bus that has two floors usually referred to as two decks. It can carry up to seventy people. Some of these buses have doors in the middle and back while some only have doors at the front.

There are other types of buses. Each of these buses has different advantages as well as disadvantages. With some of these buses, you can get to a place faster but you are definitely not going to find fast buses all the time.


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