Every civil engineer that want to excel in the field of civil engineering and its specialties must be well equipped with the basics of civil engineering as one will come across or in contact with them day after day. Below among others are the things you must be equipped with as a civil engineer.

 Tests of all Materials

Every Civil Engineer should have the knowledge on how different construction materials are tested. Mostly the common materials such as concrete tests like compression test, split tensile test, soundness, initial and final setting times, workability, etc.,  Bitumen tests like softening point, abrasion test, etc., Soil Tests like core cutter test, sand replacement test, triaxial test, compaction, consolidation test, liquid and plastic limits, etc.,

Site Soil Investigations

 A civil engineershould have the knowledge of the different test such as preliminary test that can be carried out at the site and how they can be used to investigate the soil prior to the actual construction process. The results of these test determines the settlement and stability of the structure to be constructed. So, it is very important to have an idea of these tests which are performed at site

 The use of some survey equipment such as a theodolite

 Is good for a civil engineer to have a knowledge of some of these instrument, how to operate them to help in its supervising role or as a team worker

 The use of the standard codes

 A civil engineer should be conversant with the use of standard codes such as BESM, CESM, IS and ASTM. This is because, every country have certain construction and safety specification regarding their construction and any other industry. Every new job on construction must be planned alongside with the established rule and regulation so that it follow all the specification and procedures as contain in the corresponding standard code

 Engineering software such as AutoCAD, Staad, Revit, Excel etc

 A civil engineer should have a knowledge and understanding of some of the engineering software to help in understanding document such as working drawings, structural plans, architectural plans that are produce from such software.

 Bills and Estimate preparation

 Every civil engineer must have a good knowledge and understanding of bill and estimate preparation as our day to day work solely depend on calculation of the material, cost and labour force that will be needed for that day job. As such, a civil engineer must develop strong estimation ideals to stand out among others most especially when working in a team.

 Site management – Things you must be equipped with as a civil engineer

 A civil engineer must possess a good managerial skill to be able to stand in the field (site). This is because the site comprises of materials and humans of different characters and attitude which must be well managed to avoid fight and crises in the site.

A civil engineer on this ground must possess a high sense of tolerant to deal with situations.

 Construction document

 A good understanding of construction document is a powerful tool in the hand of a civil engineer. Construction structures comprises of several documents ranging from contracts process to working drawing. A good knowledge of these documents is an added advantage.

 Quality control and Analysis (QC/QA)

 A civil engineer should be driven by quality as this has a great role to play in our service delivering. This he must do by following the specification as contain in the construction document and also make necessary adjustment when necessary.

 Work schedule – Things you must be equipped with as a civil engineer

As an engineer, you must have a deep understanding of the different schedules such as bar bending schedule, time schedule etc. as applicable to the job in question.


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