For any marriage to work out perfectly, there are things married couple should give up. The couple must be ready to give up certain things in their marriage and home. The act of giving up certain things is what I call sacrifice. No marriage or relationship can last long or survive the test of time without sacrifice.

Yong people notion

There is this notion or an impression about marriage that I want to correct. Many people think that marriage is a bow of a rosary or a box filled with all their desire. If this has been your thought toward marriage all this while then, you have made the biggest mistake in life.


I want to make it clear here that marriage is never a box filled with all desire as many thought but rather it is an empty box that needs to be filled with what you desire or want. As such, the perfection and working out of our marriage and relationship solely rest on our ability to fill the box with those things we need. Below are some of the things that you should give up in order to fill the box with the things you desire and make a happy home.


People are made to be love, not to be controlled. The most powerful tool that makes people do what you want without command or control is when they feel the love you have for them. As a way of reciprocating this love, they will obey you and try their best to make you happy in order for the love to continue. Whenever you try to control, boss or lord over your partner, you will end up succeeding reducing the love that exists between you.


Give up criticism in your marriage and relationship as this will make your partner feel inferior thereby breaking his or her affection for you. Learn to appreciate and focus on those things that make you fall in love with him or her in the first place. Seek to praise than to criticize knowing fully well that honey will attract bees than vinegar will do.

More dangerous things to give up – THINGS MARRIED COUPLE SHOULD GIVE UP

the following are a must give up in every marital home.

  • Give up Fear

For your relationship and marriage to work, you must learn to give up your fears. Fear of past break up, fear of cheating, fear of no trust will end up in making your present relationship or marriage a toxic one. Get out of your fearful heart and move into your loving heart with you present marriage or relationship.

  • Give up Pride

Pride is one of the worst destroyers of many homes today. No matter your qualification, position, parental influence and position in the society, don’t use them to intimidate your partner in your marriage or relation rather use them to fight for the betterment of you marriage or relationship.

  • Give up Perfection

Apart from our creator no man born of a woman on the surface of this earth is perfect. As such, stop looking out for perfection in your partner because even you yourself is not perfect. Learn to give up the impression of perfection in your partner. When she or he is wrong in any doing, learn to correct him or her with love.

  • Give up Mr. and Mrs. Right

Any marriage, home or relationship that dwells on Mr. Right and Mrs. Right can never stand. They will stand against themselves thereby breaking the bond of love that exists between them.

why you should give it up

Give it up. Remember when you and your partner first started dating. Remember how beautiful and lovely you spoke to each other. Remember then you did not care whether he or she was right all the time or not. All that you care about then was to make each other feel loved, appreciated and happy. So why are you now looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right? Give up the need to be always right and choose kindness, love, and supportive instead.


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