The worldly kind of life

The worldly kind of life is what I refer to as “the life that deforms other lives around it and that does not transform other lives around it, it deforms them by turning them from negative to negativity. It is a self-dire and life wills kind of life. see the image below

Again, this kind of life (worldly) is always conformed to the things of this world rather than, the things of God. This very life is been controlled by the man of the world (Satan) to achieve its purpose of destruction. The worldly kind of life is always pleasant to eyes of men if the spirit of God is absent in their lives. I said this to you brethren; “sin is a beautiful woman that always give birth to an ugly child”

The Nature of Sin – The worldly kind of life

Sin is never an ugly thing to the sight neither bitter to the mouth while doing or on it. The ugliness and bitterness of sin is always the end product. They don’t comefirst, they are always notice in the later days. In Luke 4:6-7, the Bible says “andthe devil told him, I will give you all these splendid kingdoms and their gloryfor they are mine to give to anyone I wish. If you will only bow down andworship me”

You can see how beautiful the things are to the sight and how good they sound to the ears. But Jesus overcomes through the help of the Holy Spirit and his obedientto the rules and instructions of the owner of his life. In another vein, Jesus said to Peter in Luke 22:34 saying “ Peter, let me tell you something, between now and tomorrow morning when the rooster shall crows you will deny me three times. Declaring that you don’t even know me”. see imagebelow

Simon Peter the follower of Jesus Christ after hearing more than enough messages from the messiah still denies him. This, therefore, means that the worldly kind life is not pertinent to the people serving Idols, Dancing for Idols and those worshiping other mammon but also to some people that even go to the church of God.

Never the less, it will be of a glorious thing if one could trace back its steps just as Peter did which enable him to stand before the crowed and speak. At that very point, 3000 people were added to the fold of Christ.

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