The Marriage Vow.

At the center of any marriage ceremony, there are vows that are made by the couples to one another these vows are called marriage vow. Vows are words spoken by the couple to each other which express both intent and promise to one another as they come together to become one. therefore, they should not be taken lightly or playfully. Because any act of such is detrimental to the marriage home.

The Marriage Vow - Divorce And Trials

Breaking up The Vow – Divorce.

Many have taken the laws of vow into their hands by breaking them through what is called divorce. I want it to be clear to us here that what two or three agree to do will also take the agreement of such numbers to undo it.

The Vow Witness Mal 2:13-14 & 16.

Among the crowd that will witness your marriage vow and oath, God stands and remain your everlasting witness. He seals the marriage with the strongest possible word Covenant. An unbroken covenant in Hebrews is called “Berit” which means enduring commitment. therefore, do not deal treacherously with your marriage vow. Ecc: 10:8. Base on this fact, and knowing too well that God is Omnipresence, cruelty, wickedness and whatever that can lead to divorce or breaking up just to please ones wicked or lust, enticing desire and ambition must be avoided and deleted from the mind if Conceived. This is to avoid God’s wrath on oneself.

Vows Trials

In case of tough time and serious challenges, some people considered divorce as a solution which is absolutely not. Divorce is the act of violating God’s principle for marriage Matt 19: 5-6. and place the unremovable or un-erasable mark on themselves and already bone children because some moral and good foundation in raising the children may be skipped in the children lives and living.

Single parenting system is not advisable, you may ask those who found themselves in this river and repugnance act (extremely deceitful) and unacceptable) for more and perfect understanding.

As I said earlier the marriage river is too deep and wise that one can’t fathom its totality. But constant prayer to God for sustenance will be of a good pill.


Among numerous advises and counsel you may be having, I want you to guide yourself with these few following.
(i) Always consult God before man
(ii) Learn to be remorseful with plenty of sorry in case of offensiveness and quarrel. In most cases the wife, please.
(iii) Do not suspend moral code and conduct
(iv) Always do what your spouse like and love Matt 5:13
(v) Know each other weakness and render help. As weakness can be used against each other and also allowed Satan to creep in
(vi) Wife be a virtue and articulated woman Prov 31: 10 & 27
(vii) Listening to one another advice, praying for wisdom to correct each other humbly if the error is found.

 Standing For One Another

(viii) Be a wife, not a knife Prov 15: 1 & 12: 4, I Sam. 25:3A wife is for sweetness and enjoyment knife is for cutting
(ix) Be a husband not a hostile, I Sam 25:3B
(x) In all, you will do, avoid comparison, and always sew your coat according to your cloth and size avoid imitation because it has destroyed so many marital/matrimonial home. There are no two equal persons in the world, take note and be careful.


May the good Lord circumcise your heart and mind to enables you to keep, follow, and practice this teaching with all patience and tolerance so that you will achieve the marital goal with good success, according to God’s plans for marriage in Jesus.


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