Keys To A Successful Marriage.

Marriage is wide and deep that one cannot fathom its totality. But below are. Some of the highlighted keys for a peaceful and successful marriage that will have a lifetime lasting factor. I call it a map for a successful marriage.

Is Marriage A Good Investment?

One question that I often ask is: Is a marriage a good involvement? If yes! Why is it that, those who are into marriage are backing out or divorcing? If no, why the unmarried are trying to get married? This is a mystery. Absolutely, marriage is not a bad involvement because it was instituted by God not to frustrate man but form man’s comfortability and sweetness of life. But many bitterness has been planted by Satan the devil to enables him (Satan) achieved his purpose as seen in many marital homes today.

Successful Marriage - Faith - Love And Its Characteristics

Therefore, the following and many others that I may not be able to touch have been mapped out by Gods inspiration. For a marriage to be successful the following must be adhered to with the fear of God.

Love: (John 3:16)

Love is the pinnacle and propeller of any marriage as it connects all the areas for a perfect and successful marriage. Before I continue, you will agree with me that it is hard to love without sacrifice. So, love is a sacrifice. because sacrifice exhibits real love.

Love is the strong feelings of affection for somebody. I want to say “strongest” marital love should be interwoven by the couple. Specifically, the love force should be stronger on the husband to his Wife. Eph 5:25 & 28.

The following are the Greek words for love.

Eros: means fleshy or sexual passionate love, and is the common type in the modern. Because it constructs the romantic.

Phileo or Philia: This is the love for brothers, friends, children, etc, this is the kind of love that exhibit goodwill or tender affection friends and relatives.

Agape: Love for the highest God. Is an attitude of the heart to obey all known truth in your relationship with God.


  1. Endure all things
  2. Suffers long
  3. Kind
  4. Feelings
  5. Not selfish
  6. Bear all things
  7. Never fails.

When love is dominating and fully in charge, errors and offenses don’t count and linger in the ear and heart of couples. Because errors and offenses captured in the heart lead to marriage love and sweetness decadence and usher in intruders of a different kind. Therefore; our sins and offenses must be confessed to one another sincerely with remorsefulness and forgiveness should be released immediately without delay. John 14:15, I John 4:18

Respect or honour: (Eph 5:22, I Pet 3:1-6)

Respect to a husband is the fuel and life to supply taproot for the marriage. Husband rigidity can be controlled through a high level of respect bestowed on him by his wife, no doubt. Husband can be abnormal in the habit at a particular time, but these can possibly be handled with high tension respect from the wife not by nagging or being stubborn and abusive.

As a matter of fact, respect to a husband is not a privileged but a right, as you can see in the section “A’ of the marriage hierarchical.

Husbands see themselves as kings, which is true, and where there is a king the next can only be Queen because it is a taboo to have two kings in a single kingdom. Therefore the honor that is due for a king in his kingdom is the same honor due for a husband in his home, no wonder our mother, “Sarah” called our father “Abraham” My Lord in Gen 18:12 and I pet 3:6. whose daughter you are.

Committing to individual responsibilities:

As reflected in point “V” of some common problems in the marriage that needs urgent attention and avoidance. vice-vicer.

Time together. (Gen 2:!8 & Gen 3:1)

Loneliness is destructive and Satan operates mostly through that medium if care is not taken. Time together in marriage should not be underestimated but should be given a high value in our day to do list. Time together give health to the marriage as it fuel and geared the marriage love sweetness and happiness into a random speed to discard all intruders and haters of happiness.

Faith: (Heb 11:1& 6)

Faith is believing and trusting one another in everything whether good or bad, faith foretells a better tomorrow of the marriage in a present predicament. Is the inner eye that always sees the future best and fulfillment in the marriage in all ramification, also see the best side and part of the spouse, therefore, it is difficult to handle hard time, abnormality in character, or behavior in marriage without faith.

Faith is, therefore, the positive tongue and voice in a time of challenges, which is somehow part of marriage, I did say must or perfect, take note, because marriage can be problems, and quarrel-free with a high level of understanding for each other.

Some Great Successful Marriage Testimony

Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministry has confessed and testified openly about his marriage. Severally others also testified about it. The marriage of Apostle Johson Suleman has not experience quarrel not to talk of a fight since they got married. You can also have such testimony with a high level of understanding by studying and fighting one another

The couple should also learn to choose sweet or pet names for themselves in marriage home. Also, such name should be called with a honey-dripping tongue as this radiate marital love and likeness.


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