Are you an upcoming artiste searching for a platform to record and upload your tracks, all that you need to know about is Soundcloud Upload? Where you will be in charge of everything, you can manage and promote your tracks from your own page? Then all you need is the Soundcloud Platform. For you to upload your songs or tracks on the SoundCloud platform, you just need to read through this article consigning SoundCloud upload.

Soundcloud Upload - How to Get a Soundcloud App - Uploading on Soundcloud

Soundcloud Upload

Soundcloud is an online Audio and music listening platform that can serve as a social networking media. You can follow other users on the Soundcloud platform. You can also record and share your tracks publicly or privately with other Soundcloud users. On the Soundcloud platform, you can download the mp3 you’d like to download to your device for free. Soundcloud is compatible with any device including the iOS and Android devices. You can use Soundcloud as a guest but would be prompted to create a Soundcloud account to access your playlist. Signing up for Soundcloud is easy and free, you can sign up with your email address or your Facebook account details.

How to Get a Soundcloud App

You can get Soundcloud for free on the app store of your mobile device. Go to the Appstore on your device and search for the Soundcloud app. On the result page, tap on the first result displayed and click on the download button on the page. The app will be downloaded immediately if there is a data connection on the device.

Creating a Soundcloud

 To be able to upload your tracks to the Soundcloud platform, you must have a Soundcloud account. You can sign up with Google or Facebook, the choice is yours. Follow the steps below to sign up with Google;

  • Open the Soundcloud app on your device and click on “Continue with Google”.
  • Fill in your email address and then tap on “Continue”.
  • Type in a new password for your Soundcloud account. Verify that you are human by hitting on CAPTCHA and then click “Accept and continue”.
  • Type in your age and choose your gender (male or female) and then hit on “Continue”.
  • Create a display name for your Soundcloud account on the next form displayed, and then click “Get started”.

Wait on the confirmation mail that would be sent to your email. Confirm the mail by clicking on the link sent, after which you will be directed to your Soundcloud page. You can now record and upload the tracks you’d like to.

Follow the Instructions Below to Sign Up with Facebook;

  • Open the Soundcloud app.
  • Hit on “Continue with Facebook.
  • Fill in your Facebook account login details and Accept and continue.
  • Write your age on the text box and indicate your gender and click on “Get started”.

Soundcloud Sign In

Sign in to your Soundcloud account your device if you already got an account to be able to record and upload tracks on the platform. Follow the guidelines below;

  • Open the Soundcloud app and click on Sign in.
  • Type in your email address and password of the account and click on “Connect”.

If the details are correct, you will be directed to your Soundcloud page.

Uploading on Soundcloud

One of the wonderful features on the Soundcloud platform is that you can upload your tracks on the platform for free. Below are the steps to follow;

  • Find the Soundcloud app on your device and launch it.
  • Navigate and hit on the “Upload” button on your Soundcloud page.
  • A pop-up page will be displayed, asking if you’d like to upload your music or record a new track on the Soundcloud platform.
  • Before uploading the track, you would be prompted to write the title of the track, add tags and choose to share publicly or privately. Then click on the “Save”.

The track will be uploaded immediately after you finish with the steps above.


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