Hello everyone, what we will be looking into today is Skype Mobile App for Android. Have you I want to ask a question, have you tried this on your Android device before, I am talking about the Skype. If no, I think you should do as from today after going through this article displaying on your screen right now. Let me be of guide to you to introduce to you the review of this topic that you are seeing above.

Skype Mobile App for Android - How To download Skype | How to Sign Up

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Skype Mobile App for Android

O am very much sure that most of us have been using Skype before our device may be on a web browser or it can be the Skype app. But there are also people out there that have not known about the Skype app. Some have not yet used Skype either, you will find more about Skype here on this article you just have to keep on reading. Skype is an online chatting platform like every other communication platform. We have Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so much more of them that is also how Skype is. It can be used as a course of communication service, in a way for video and voice calls, sending of messages, and so much more of it.


With Skype you can reach across your loved one’s friends or family members, you don’t have to travel to wherever they are before you can see their faces, all you need into do is to make a video call with the person you what to see his or her face and when the person answers the video call you will be able to see each other’s Face. But before you can be able to do all this thing, you must have an account with them first and to create this account is very easy and simple only if you can follow the steps correctly. But before then, let see how we can download the app into our mobile Android devices.

How To download Skype

For you to be able to download the Skype app on your Android device, you have to access the following steps below this paragraph.

  • Go to your Android Google play store and then.
  • Then you can search for Skype using the search bar and the app will be brought out on the result page.
  • Click on the app or hit the download or install button close to the app and it will be gone to download automatically.
  • After downloading it, install the app into your device and you can start using it.

These are the steps on how you can download the Skype app on your Android device but also know that is can also be downloaded on a Mac system or windows systems like computers or laptops. And again, you can use other app downloader store to download the Skype app apart from using your google play store.

How to Sign Up on Skype

Know that Skype is a Microsoft platform without a Microsoft account you can’t access it. So, to create this account follow the guidelines below.

  • Open the app and click “Use another account” if you don’t have a Microsoft account. But if you have a Microsoft account, you will see your Microsoft account email there, so you just have to click the email and you will be logged into your account.
  • For instance, you want to create another account, you should click the “Use another account” as I said earlier. Now, click create one, you will d the link under the box.
  • Now, enter your mobile number and click next. After clicking the next button, you will also find other requirements, you just have to provide their requirements and you will be through in no time.

If only you can follow the steps on the sign-up page and you provide the right details, I assure you that your account will be created immediately. Know that creating an account is also means that you are creating a new Microsoft account also.


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