Have you thought of using Skype for Business since when you are using Skype to communicate with your friends and family? Do you know that there is also another side of Skype that you don’t know about which is Skype for business, so many people don’t even know about these? Only a few Skype users know about it, so for you to impart those that have something to say about topic above, I think you should go along with this article if you want to know more about this topic.

Skype for Business - Social Media Business Marketing | How to Access Skype for business

Skype for Business

Since we have been using the skype platform for communication, how do you think the Skype for business will look like, as in what it does, where to find the business part on Skype that will be your question when you are through reading this article. I don’t think that should be the reason why you should not read this article right, introducing this article also means that I am going to tell you where to find this business platform on Skype.

Skype for business is said to be an Enterprising platform or software. Skype for Business also has the same feature as the original Skype we do know of before just that it is used for business purposes not for communication only. We have some features, these features are used by the users like we have instant messaging, voice and video call service, conferencing, and lastly with some other communicating features that are not mentioned here. This service was introduced to the world by Microsoft corporation and it is said to replace the Microsoft Lync in 2015 and its already done 4 years back. For you to access Skype for business, you need to have Microsoft account and then access the office 365, that is where you can get the Skype for business service from.

Microsoft Account Create

For you to sign up for a Microsoft account, you need to visit their website through Microsoft on your web browser. Then click the profile icon at the top of the screen, there you will see a separate option that says “Create one” click it and follow the on-screen instructions given to you from there on and when you are through creating the account. What to do to access Skype for business, you have to log in to your Microsoft account and follow the instructions below.

How to Access Business Service Through Microsoft

These may be somehow difficult for you for the first time but you have to know how you can be able to access the business platform. You have to follow the guidelines below to access and make use of this business.

  • One, go to the Microsoft website and log in to your account.
  • Two, click the option with “All Microsoft” at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Then click on Skype and tap on the “More” option at the top again and then you will see Skype for business, click on it.
  • It will take you straight to a new page where you are going to find the office 365 and click the “Get” button there.
  • Now, you will be asked to choose your plan, select your plan and proceed. Know that there are not free plans when it comes to using this service on the Microsoft platform. After choosing the plan you prefer better if there is by other instructions which you need to obey you just have to do it to access the Skype for business platform

That’s all for today, I will get back at you some other time. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed every part of the article and now you know what Skype for business is.


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