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Shopping Online Using Alibaba Online Store is a technology designed whereby you can stuff the internet to see all that people have to sell and as well make a purchase of any item you desire. You don’t need to stress yourself anymore by traveling and bearing the burden of goods by yourself. Just with a click on your communication gadget, your order is taken and brought to you. Isn’t this wonderful? you could also rest assured that all your purchases will be delivered at the stipulated period of time at your comfort.

Shopping Online Using Alibaba Online Store - Alibaba Store

Shopping Online Using Alibaba Online Store

Alibaba’s online store is a network of a wide range of shops across the world of commerce and industries. Alibaba operates almost in all countries across the world. There are countless online shopping stores but if you desire a reliable and genie one, then you have to do your online using Alibaba online store. Here. You will be connected with a wide range of items across the world as a whole. Through Alibaba’s online shopping, you can also showcase your goods and sell your goods to others across the world. It is one of the world’s top leading online shopping markets.

Question 1: how do I get started?

For you to explore all the goodies and make good advantages of Alibaba’s online shopping store, be it buying of items or selling of items, is to register with Alibaba online shopping store by creating an account. With this account, you can carry out whatever online deal or transaction with Alibaba online shopping store.

Steps on how to account with Alibaba online shopping store

  • Get your smartphone, laptop, or palmtop device
  • Open your browser and log unto Alibaba to create an account.
  • Click on “join”
  • Register with your email address on the page displayed.
  • A verification code will be delivered to the email address you registered with.
  • Log into your private email address and fill in the secret code sent to your email on the page for verification.
  • Screw down and click on “yes” on the platform policy to continue.
  • Provide your user name and password with which you can operate your account. Make sure it is a password you can easily remember.
  • Click on “confirm” to authenticate your password.
  • Provide other necessary information such as your mobile number, address, company name, etc. and click on “confirm”

Question 2: how do I log into my Alibaba online shopping store account?


  • Open a browsing page and type the website address Alibaba.
  • Fill in the email address you used in creating the account and fill in your secret password.
  • Click on “log in” and your online Alibaba shopping store account page will be displayed.

Question 3: how do I fine items to buy on Alibaba’s online shopping store?


  • Login in to your account and type the name of the item you wish to buy or view on the “search engine” and it will be brought to your viewing.
  • Tap on “categories” and the item will be displayed in different categories for you to make your choice.
  • Click on the item and all the descriptions and qualities on the item will be displayed.

Question 4: how do I make an order of the item?


  • Sew down and click on “add to chart”
  • Then click on “buy item”
  • A number or code will be given to you for you to present when it is ready for pickup.

Question 5: how do I make payment?


  • Screw to where you have “checkout” or “payment”
  • Choose your payment form.
  • Fill in all the payment details you will be required of on the payment page displayed.
  • Click on “continue” or “proceed”.
  • Click on “delivery location” and choose where your item will be delivered for pickup.

Question 6: how long will it take for my item to be delivered?

Answer: The time of delivery varies as it depends on the location of the buy or seller. If the time the seller is in a very far country, the item might take some to be shipped to the nearest location or outlet at which you can pick it up. Normally, it doesn’t take a very long time. It is normally within 3 to 7 days after purchase and payment.

Question 7: how do I know when my item is ready for pick up?

Answer: whenever your item is ready for you to pick it up, you will receive a text message or a call from the nearest pickup outlet you chose. And for you to identify your item without mistake and to confirm you are the rightful owner of the delivered item, you will be asked to provide the item pickup code sent to you when you made the order.

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