Do you know what ROKU is? It is a company that is pioneered for streaming the TV. You see, this service is a streaming service that offers real-time video streaming via their products. These streaming devices receives data via a wired or Wi-Fi connection from an internet router so they can go online and stream.

ROKU - What is a ROKU Account - How to Setup ROKU


The company’s name was derived from the Japanese word meaning six. It was named so because it was said to be the sixth company Anthony Wood (the sole founder) started. This streaming service offers you to watch so many channels including Netflix and YouTube videos. Not only that, there is so much you tend to gain from getting your own ROKU device.

ROKU TV Channels

On this amazing streaming platform, there are lots of channels to keep you busy, updated and happy. This service also made sure children are not left out as they also provided special kids channel. Some of the channels on ROKU are;

  • Red bull TV.
  • WWE network.
  • NBA.
  • UFC.
  • Sky news.
  • Classic cartoon TV.
  • YouTube.
  • Amazon prime video and so much more.

With all these thrilling advantages, why not get your own ROKU device now.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are really interested in obtaining your own ROKU device (streaming player), then you are expected to have about thirty euros. Additionally, it might interest you to learn that there are no monthly fees for watching free channels.

How to Setup ROKU

Now you have purchased your ROKU streaming device, you might want to know how to set it up since if you can’t do so, you have wasted your money. To set up your streaming device, power up your device and connect it to the internet. Like I mentioned above, you can connect it to the internet via internet router, wired connection or Wi-Fi. Create your account and activate the device. It is as simple as that.

What is a ROKU Account?

A ROKU account just like Netflix is an account you need to activate your device and access the streaming platform. Plus, you should acknowledge the fact that there will be no monthly fees despite the fact that s to enable you will be asked to provide a valid means of payment. The means of payment you are adding is to make your future purchases of movies easier if ever you decide you want to buy a movie.


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