Hello everyone, what do you understand by the word Railway Construction, I don’t think this topic is new to us at all. Will, I still want to talk about Railway Construction here, if there is any new update that you have not heard of before, you will find it here. The railway construction that we all are about to read in this article is all about road building and all. We all know what railway is right, that railway is track roads that are made for trains which are also called the permanent way. It is a structure that consists of rails, fasteners, railroad ties, and ballast, plus an underlying subgrade.

Railway Construction

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Railway Jobs

If you are an engineer that is looking for a job or a company for construction to apply for employment. Construction jobs are so difficult, it is not that I am discouraging you guys but what I am trying to say here is that it is not easy for someone to get a railway job. Most people have tried so many times to get a railway job but they can’t find a construction company to apply for employment. I am going to list out some of the railway companies for you to see, that is the part we are heading to now.

Railway Construction Company

Like I said that I am going to be listing the types of construction companies for you to see. But first, you should know that they are lots of railway construction companies out there in the world today. And railway jobs are very high paid jobs, they pay their engineers in a very high salary. Now let look at the types of railway companies below, there are different countries and I am going to mention them with their countries.

Africa Railway Construction

  • In Africa, we have a Union of African railways (UAR).
  • Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique.
  • Malawi railways.
  • TransNamib.
  • Zambia railway.
  • Botswana railway company.

These are some Africa construction companies and they are also other Africa construction companies that are not mentioned.


  • Cameroon national railways authority.


  • Egyptian railways.

Ghana Railway Construction

  • We have Ghana railway and ports.
  • Ghana railway company.


  • There is also a railway company in Kenya known as Kenya railway.
  • Rift valley railways consortium.


  • In Nigeria, we have a Nigeria railway corporation.

These are some of the lists of railway companies in the world and there are also other once that I did not mention in the list above.


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