My Yahoo Mail is a service that deals with email in communication and sending of files to friends or business dealers. IThis mail service was reorganized in the year 2002, the company website was transformed in the month of July and also new features where implemented and these features are the drop-down menu in DHTML, it customizes the color scheme and categorizes tabs.

My Yahoo Mail - How Yahoo Mail Works | Open a Yahoo Mail Account

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My Yahoo Mail

In 2004 the odd post has now developed a service that affects desktop email clients. The odd post features are drag and drop support, right-click menu, RSS feeds and preview pane, it speeds up Emil caching when making using of it cult reply time. Now yahoo mail has come up with a new mailing system in the year 2010 while at 2011 twitter,

How Yahoo Mail Works

Yahoo mail gives its users the ability to choose how they want to communicate with others, it gives the users the access to choose their screen view on how they can view their message, yahoo mail allow users to send and receive messages from the net or websites.

How to Create a Yahoo Account

The following steps are the steps on how you can create your own personal yahoo account and it is very simple and steady.

  • Go to Yahoo on any browser.
  • A page will be opened.
  • Fill all the boxes.
  • Your first, surname, email address then the password.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your gender; male or female.
  • Then click continue.
  • Then click send me a verification message.
  • Wait a verification code will be sent to you.
  • Copy the verification code and paste it inside the code box.
  • This is the steps Then click verify.

Following all these steps you can now create a yahoo mail account on any device, creating an account on yahoo platform helps to secure your information and it exposes your product for the world to know the kind of product you set up.

How to Log In Your Account

And also, for those who will like to logout their account for security purposes. Here are the steps on how you can also login back to your account if you are logged out from it.

  • Go to Yahoo.
  • Log on to the email address.
  • Then click next.
  • Log in your password and click sign in.
  • The yahoo mail account will be open.
  • Tap the mail icon to open your email inbox.

That is all on how you can sign in your yahoo mail account, these steps are easy unless you don’t follow the steps carefully every step above are very important.

How to Recover My Yahoo Mail Account

There are times when we mistake or press the wrong keys when creating our yahoo account. After creating the account, you may decide to log it out and when you want to log it in again. And after entering your email and you want to enter the password. Then, you notice that the password you are entering is not correct, which means that you mistakenly enter a wrong password when creating the account and for you.

You think you entered the right password but there is a way you can recover your account if any of these things happens. Here it is right in front of you, to recover your lost or forgotten password, follow the steps below to recover your account.

  • Enter your browser on your application list.
  • Go to on the search box.
  • Log in your email address and tap continue.
  • Click send me a verification code.
  • Click on the verification code inbox when you found it.
  • Copy the verification code from the yahoo inbox and paste it into the code box.
  • Tap continue.
  • On the next page, it will show you success then tap continue.
  • Log in your new password twice on both box and click continue.

These steps above will direct you on how you can recover your lost or old yahoo mail account, most businessmen or women do not know how to recover their lost or old yahoo mail account because the account contain all their business details and they want to continue with that same account to get back their business details.

Yahoo Mail App

Most people think that accessing the yahoo platform through a web is somehow stressful. All they want is a very short, easy, and fast way they can access the yahoo platform without accessing it through the web. That is why I come about the yahoo mail app, the yahoo app is the only short, easy, and fastest way to access the yahoo platform without been going through the web. It is a mobile app for mobile devices such as the smartphones we all are using today. The app enable each and every mobile phone user to access the platform without a web browser, all that you just have to do is to download the app into your smartphone or mobile device.

Yahoo App Download

You as a mobile or smartphone user, for you to download the app, you have to follow some few steps and here they are below.

  • The very first thing to do is to access the AppStore on your smartphone. Be it Google play store, iTunes store for iOS users, or it can be any app market store that you have on your smartphone.
  • When you access it, click on the search box and enter the name “YAHOO MAIL” and search.
  • After searching for the app, click on the app and hit the download or install button on it.

If only you can follow the steps listed above one after the other I assure that you will find it easy to download the yahoo mail app on your mobile or smartphone.


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