Marriage Spices

Spices are seeds, fruits, roots, plants (wood) barks or other plant parts that are primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Spices are different from herbs. The leaves part of the plants is called herbs. Spices are also used for flavoring and garnish different meals. Each spice used has an additional value which can be medicinal to the body that consumes it, likewise marriage spices.

Marriage Spices

On the other hand, marriage is the legal union between man and a woman. I call it a special meal given to man by God to make him merry. But this meal must be spiced up with marriage spices in order to keep it long, safe and sweat over a long period of time (life time). Absent of the spices makes the meal uninteresting and unenjoyable.

Some marriage spices.

 Below are some marriage spices that will make your marriage interesting and enjoyable

Praises (compliments)

words are very powerful. When the right words are voiced out, they can melt even stones in the field of love. Therefore, every man and woman should learn to use the right words, those words your husband or wife like to hear, use them even in your communication to build and empire of lasting love.

 Get Racy Gift

 Forget your comfy, cotton and buy something that will grab your husband’s or wife attention — fast! If you’re tight on money, try working with what you already have and adding accessories. Be a surprise to your husband or wife by getting something for him or she been it small or big

Stop Claiming Right

many women don’t give in when their husband raise an issue purported by the wife. This will lead to argument thereby causing an uproar in the home. Stop claiming Mrs. or Mr. Right, accept your wrongs and work on it.

Understanding Fun Language

 If your husband ever comes up with an idea he thinks may be fun, don’t hesitate. Say yes to it and flow with him. Sometimes we have other plans, or maybe even a headache, but by saying yes you will freshen up your marriage and let your husband know he’s important to you.

The Favorite Surprise

 What’s your husband’s or wife favorite treat? Surprise him or her with it often! Does your husband like to sleep in quiet place? Keep the kids quiet and let him rest. Whatever pleases your husband, make it your priority! The little things add up!

Prepare For Him

If your husband arrives home at basically the same time every day, prepare for him! Freshen up your hair and make-up. Give the house a good “once-over.” Have a snack and his favorite drink ready and greet him with a smile. Don’t throw the kids on him. Give him a warm embrace and something to look forward to.

Sweet Bed Touch

 Small touches throughout the day mostly in the night on the bed can add up a lot in marriage. Once I climb my bed, I must touch my wife notifying her that am here and she respond which ignite the night fire in my room. Don’t be dead wood on the bed.

Give a reminder starter

those things that you both did even before marriage should be done at a time. Reminding your selves how she insulted you and how you keep pushing and the word you told her will revive the fire of love. Give him some emergency kisses. Butterflies and chill bumps shouldn’t stop when you get married — they should increase! Whatever sends good signals to your hubby’s spine, be mindful to do it!

Look pretty for Him

 Some days are exhausting, I know. But, take a few minutes and make yourself look nice for him every day.


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