Till now, people create a LinkedIn account. The reason they keep on creating a LinkedIn account is because of the benefits it has. If you have not used or experienced the LinkedIn platform, you really need to.  These days, there is a lot you stand to gain from the platform. The reason is that you no longer have to use the platform for personal use or for the purpose of catching fun. You can now use the platform LinkedIn for Business. Using LinkedIn for business is quite simple and free. It can be used to both promote and market a brand or business.

LinkedIn for Business

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There are several advantages you enjoy by using LinkedIn for business. The platform has over a million users and you can advertise your business or brand to these users. Additionally, you get to create a company page for your business. All of the features are of course free. You can at any time create a LinkedIn account for your business or brand for free. However, you might be charged with regular data charges. Now before you read this article further, I would love to inform you this article is only a review or guide on using LinkedIn for business purposes.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business

To use LinkedIn for business, you first have to create a LinkedIn business account. Now creating a LinkedIn business account is not difficult. It is also the same way used in creating a regular LinkedIn account. As a matter of fact, the only difference is the motive used in creating the account and that is for business.

  • Get a device that has an active internet connection and seeks the LinkedIn official URL Linkedin.
  • By now, you should be on the site, simply hit the join now button.
  • On the registration form, enter your name, email address and desired password. The password will always be required when you want to sign in your account.
  • Hit the “Agree & Join” button and follow the instructions given to you afterward.

Above is a procedure that will guide you in successfully signing up for a LinkedIn account.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Here is a simple procedure to create a LinkedIn company page.

  • Once you are logged in your LinkedIn account, tap on the work icon.
  • Go down and select create a company page.
  • Choose the kind of page you want to crate and enter a name for the page.
  • Enter a public URL and a website if you have any.
  • Now enter the company details and verify that you are authorized representative or personnel of the organization.

After that, tap on the create page button and your LinkedIn business page will be created successfully.


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