Though, many duties have been mentioned or spelled out in the area of individual responsibilities in a marriage. But I like to narrow some special duties kitchen management to the wife. Some of these special duties are stated below.

Kitchen Manager, The Wife -Tidiness and cleanliness

Kitchen Manager

Every office holder knows when to resumed and close his or her office. This is because, an office is a place of work where files, stationeries together with books for difference purpose are kept. This is what the kitchen is to every wise woman or wife. Many would want to say that the kitchen is for both. But I want to make it clear to every that, the kitchen remains one of the highest offices to every wise woman where she dis-charged duties to her household at a particular level, Prov 31:10 & 15. This is so because a delicious food is very close to the heart of a man. Every wise wife or woman cannot outgrow the kitchen office no matter the level of her education, wealth, social influence, and achievements if she wants a joyful and happy marriage and home.

Kitchen Management

The Management of kitchen office depends on the wife or woman foundation and training. This can be controlled and corrected in case of wrong and below standard raising and training. This must be done through the wife or woman submitting herself to learning and receiving instructions from a knowledgeable person even the husband if he knows or he is competent in the kitchen office area.

Management and outcome

Management: This is the ability of the wife,  woman or mother to control kitchen items mostly foodstuffs to enable the family to reach or carry the family to a certain time depending on their financial status. It also involves the management of all resource of the family, children inclusive.

Outcome: On the other hand, is the level of food taste or sweetness (Deliciousness) gotten from the kitchen. It also comprises of the kind of life that the family children lives.

Tidiness and cleanliness

Another duty I want us to look into is the area of tidiness/neatness. Cleanliness is next to Godliness while dirtiness is next to Devilishness. Tidiness, cleanliness and neatness call for the wife, woman or mother high level of commitment to be assisted by the husband and children if children are born and grown. This depending on the man and his foundation and wisdom should be applied.  But at a point, domestic staff can be employed through the agreement of the couple.

Maid Service

Employment of domestic staffs is to ease the domestic workload for the family in general, but the danger and risk must also be considered alongside with control measure. This is because some male and female maids are tempting and destructive to marriages today. If proper care is not taking by the couple through cordialness, closeness love, respect and honour for each other.  As Satan uses many domestic staffs as a weapon to fight marriages today.

It is a bad thing for a wife to outwardly looks beautiful, but inwardly ugly and very dirty. This includes bathing, having an adorable hairstyle with all kind of makeup just too deceived outsiders without your house and heart well tiding is a sin.  James 4:17.  But in a situation whereby she is lacking, learning with remorsefulness is a need and allowed in all area to conquered ignorance.

In all, studying one another with understanding remains the key for matrimony.  As some people believe, marriage is not a battlefield but rivers of felicitation and joy.


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