How to create a personalize email account

The quest of how to create a personalized email account is rising every day as people tend to focused on their area of interest. This quest has be made easy through the use of

What is

This is a web-based provider that is offering a personalized email and communication platform, where people get all in one size fits webmail experience.

Email Address – How to create a personalize email account provides its users with an unparalleled selection of more than 200 unique domains to pair with their desired address at no cost.

How to create a personalize email account

Users of can choose a domain that fits their lifestyle, profession, location, or personality, and through this personalization, their email address will become an expression of who they are, or where they are from.

Location personalized emails

Below are some example of personalized emails. They are,, and as well as many other geographically focused domains are available.

Professional personalized emails

If you want your email address to communicate your profession, you can select from a wide range of professionally focused domains such as,,,, and

Passionate personalized email

For those of us who are passionate music fans, the portfolio of fan domains includes, and amongst others.

Nature of the email and services

Every email address created from is completely free. Its services comprises of provision solutions for home users, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. As a web-based provider, is accessible from any computer providing an internet connection.
Its fresh features and convenience rival those of traditional client-based software which require computer installation.

Privacy, virus protection and security

In, users’ privacy are taken very serious. User security is a main priority for in terms of virus, has a professional virus protection that is based on a leading provider’s scan engine. It locates viruses, worms, and Trojans, even in compressed file formats. With this security, mailboxes are protected from spam with seven anti-spam modules, resulting in an almost completely spam-free account. Stay connected for the steps to take.


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