What is Hotmail, this is what we are going to be looking into today. I don’t believe that everyone on the internet or that are accessing the internet on a daily basis knows what Hotmail is. Some may know l, while some may not because they never come across it before on the internet. We all know that it is possible to find lots of amazing things on the internet, things that are new to us and we also know that without the internet we may have not known or heard about what we know of today so the internet is power.

Hotmail - How to Sign Up - Hotmail Mobile App


As I said is what I am introducing you all today as long you are present in this site, you are lucky to have come across this at the right time and the right place. Hotmail as the platform says it is a website that aid in a web-based suite for webmail, and also contacts, tasks, and lately calendaring service that is from Microsoft service. It is mentioned as one of the world’s first webmail platform or service that was launched in the year 1996 and the people that invented this webmail service are called Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. The place where they found this platform is in the mountain view, California, and their headquarter is in Sunnyvale.

This platform has over 400 million users all over the world as at now and it is available in 106 different languages. This service which is Hotmail can be used for sending emails to other Hotmail or email users from any part of the world. It can be used on any browser, anytime, anywhere you find yourself. It also had an app that can be download but the name is not Hotmail, the name is the outlook. The name outlook is the new name used to replace Hotmail, Hotmail is the old or first name that was used when they first found it but later changed to outlook. To download it you just have to access any of the app stores on your device and the app is free to use no charges attached to it.

How to Sign Up

Before you can be a user or have access to this platform you must sign in or sign up if you do not have an account with them. This is what you do to sign up for this service, follow the guidelines below to sign up.

  • Open the app or access the website by visiting Hotmail.com or Outlook.com on your web browser.
  • Then click the create account for free on the homepage when you have visited their website
  • At this time, they will take you straight to anew page, on this page, you have to provide some details.
  • Enter the email name that you want to use and hit the next button close to it. Then create a password and after that next again.
  • Your names, select your country, date of birth and next.
  • Click “Send Code” after entering your mobile number and then use the code to verify the account by typing the code inside the box there and hit the next button one late time

Wait for them to confirm your account and after the confirmation of the account, you will be logged in instantly. And you can log in to your account whenever you want to login with these steps above. Of which you have to enter your email and password on the login box and click the login or next button below it.

Hotmail Mobile App

Do you guys know that Hotmail also has an app which can be used to access the platform, well if you have not thought about the app, I think you should do? This app is made for the mobile device or smartphone users, those who are using their mobile phones like Android, iPhone, iPod, whatever smartphone you are using. You can download the app inside it. All you will ever need is to access your app store on your device and search for the app inside it. You will be able to find the app in the next, where you can download it by clicking download or install that is there.


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