Hotmail Gmail – The Most Interesting Review on Hotmail Gmail – Hotmail Gmail Features

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Hotmail Gmail is just like all other emailing services; it is an emailing service that is on top all over the world. It has been on for so many years, offering the best services and making it easy and enjoyable for every user. Hotmail Gmail which is originally known as Hotmail ( after the change that was made in the year 2013, is an emailing service that offers the best. It is an emailing service where every user can read, send and also receive messages from all around the world.

Hotmail Gmail - The Most Interesting Review on Hotmail Gmail - Hotmail Gmail Features

Hotmail Gmail

Any user can receive messages, it is not limited to Hotmail users alone. Hotmail Gmail has been the greatest help in order to ensure that you are satisfied with every feature. When the change was made in the year 2013, a lot of wonderful features were added to it, and also it became easy to access for every user since then. Hotmail Gmail just like every other emailing service allows users to add other accounts they have to it, connecting all your accounts to one place and ensuring you can manage all your inbox in one place.

Hotmail Gmail Features

It also includes a cluster free inbox that allows you to manage your inbox, keeping it tidy and putting every message just at the right place. This is an email that keeps you organized, productive and ready to go at any time. It consists of a calendar event, files and so much more which will be just right for you in every way, whether business-wise, academically or so many more.

To access all these features and also to get a guaranteed result in every email that you want to do, you need to create an account, creating an account is very easy and doesn’t take time at all. Once your account is created, make sure that you will not have any reasons to regret it. Visit my website to know more about creating a new account on Hotmail.

Switching from Other Mail Addresses to Gmail

Google mail uses an external feature called shuttle cloud to help you switch from other emails to Gmail. But before you can successfully do this, you need to have an account with the different mail platforms you want to transfer to. One of the hardest things with opening a new mail is getting a compatible mail address that suits your idea. After opening the Gmail account, follow these steps;

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on settings link which is represented by a wheel.
  • Select the “Accounts and Import” tab. (this feature allows you to transfer all of your emails from other addresses to Gmail).
  • When this is done, you have to set your old address incoming emails to be forwarded to Gmail. To do this in Hotmail, log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Navigate to the settings page and select email.
  • Choose to forward and add your new mail address.

You can easily set your forwarding options by checking and unchecking any of the boxes.

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