Grace For The Race and Restoration

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Heb.4:16).  Grace is better than grazing of grasses under labour. we need grace for the race and restoration. life is a race, getting what we want is a restoration in the race.

In Gen. 26:1-5, grace redefined Isaac, even when there was famine in the land. From the scripture, it is clear that the land was dead and dried up. Nothing good was happening in the land. From the theological view, scientist and agricultural specialist has satisfied the land to be infertile, dead and out of use. But the scripture says, God appeared to Isaac and said to him “go not down to Egypt”. In other words, the statement means why are you running away? Don’t you know you carry grace?

God ask Isaac to sown in that dried, dead and infertile land. In verse 12 of Gen. 26, the Bible says Isaac sowed in that land. And that same year, his harvest was increased by a hundredfold.

Power of God’s Grace-Grace For The Race

Hallelujah. Men, scientist, agriculture specialist, and all human knowledge failed. They prove that it is finished. But Gods grace appeared and disapproved their proves. It should be noted here that when grace is at work, protocols becomes none and void.

Depression an Enemy of Restoration

Then David and the men that went with him to war lift their voice and wept. They wept until they had no power to weep. And David was greatly distressed. (1 Sam 30:4 and 6).

There is no celebration in depression and there can be no restoration in depression. Depression is viewed me as an illness that involves the body, mood and thought of a person. In other words, depression is an act of feeling sad and suppressed emotionally. Depression is an enemy of acceleration and restoration. There can be no restoration in depression. Where there is depression restoration is scare.

Cry Cannot solve it-Grace For The Race

Our anchor scripture shows that David wept until there was no strength to weep again. Depression deprived people of energy to pursue. We cant restored what we did nor pursued. The inability to pursue is the reason for deficiency in restoration.

Grace For The Race and Restoration

It must be noted that depression is a confirmation of defeat. You cant attain your destiny when you are depressed. Remember, there is no celebration in depression and there can be no restoration in depression.


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