Google Places are very similar to google maps but there are some differences. You can easily set up your business to appear on google when searched. If you own a local business a desire to grow your business fast you can take advantage of Google places.

Google places - The  Most Interesting About Google Places You Need to Know

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Google Places

Google places can easily be set up in just ten simple steps. This is a place you can add your business listing just to be found on google, this service is similar to a phone book. Google normally uses the information you provide about your business to describe your business listing on search engines and google maps. There are some requirements that you need to provide before you can access the google places that I have been talking about.


There are some basic requirements you need to meet before you can create a google place page, these requirements are;

  • An active Google account that is valid
  • Your business name, your contact info, and mail address
  • An address with which you can receive mails

After meeting all the above requirements, you can proceed to follow the next list of steps below

  • Follow this link using your mobile browser GooglePlaces.
  • Click on the green start now button on the top of the page you are redirected to
  • To continue, fill the blank space with your business name and hit the blue next button at the bottom left of the display
  • Now fill the form with the information you will be asked for, this information may include your country name, street address, local government area, residential city, postal code, and state of residence
  • After filling the form with the right information hit the next button to continue
  • You will now be asked to input your business category
  • Continue by adding your contact number, and your website address if you have one
  • Answer the next question by checking either yes or no and hit the finish button
  • After logging in, hit create a listing
  • Choose your hours to work, your payment choices, add some pictures to display how your business looks, add some YouTube videos if possible, add extra information about your business and verify your business

That’s it, make sure all the information about the business you provided is correct as it will lead customers. Wrong information can lead customers astray and google kicks about this. The service is to help people find a place that suits their taste from the comfort of their device or PC.


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