Google Maps App – How to Use the Navigation Feature on the Google Maps App

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Google Maps App is a mobile platform designed for mapping and developed by Google. The app is for android users and iOS operating systems. The app depends mainly on google maps for information. This amazing app can be used to get directions to anywhere all around the world.

Google Maps App - How to Use the Navigation Feature on the Google Maps App

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Google Maps App

The app is well detailed with street view and anything you need to avoid getting lost. With this app, you can never get lost again. In this article, you would learn just how you can set up the app in your own interest. You can easily set up navigation on the app.

This app, in particular, is very easy to use, plus you can get a 3D street view. You can also use the app to get information about places you desire and businesses, it also has an automated voice search. Here is a detailed guide on how to easily use the navigation feature on the google maps app.

How to Use the Navigation Feature on the Google Maps App?

To easily get navigation to various places, you can make use of the google maps app. This app will show you the real traffic information, directions, and the best path to your desired destination. You can also hear traffic alerts and other information when you put o voice navigation. The information below is for android.

For android

  • After downloading and installation of the app from the google play store, launch the app
  • Now search for your destination using the search bar, or you can just select it on the map if you see it
  • Now hit the directions button at the bottom right corner of the app window, to enter navigation mode just hold the same button for some seconds
  • Next hit is the done button and selects from these options depending on your current situation (the options are driving, transit, walking, rides, and cycling)
  • All other available routes to your destination will be shown in grey color on the map, so to pass through other routes just hit any of the grey lines
  • To start navigating, hit the upward arrow

That’s it, and to cancel your navigation, just hit the x button at the bottom left of the screen. To see where you are viewing from either from north, south, east, and west click on the compass.

Follow the details below to set up voice direction

  • Open the google map on your android
  • Next, hit the menu button
  • Then turn to settings, navigation settings, and select voice level
  • Now you have three options louder, normal and softer

That is all you need to know to start using google maps.

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