“Google Mail Online” As you normally know before is an American multinational technology organization that deals with the internet, The Google platform was discovered in the year 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they are Ph.D. students in Stanford University in California and it is also known as Gmail. Google and the mail are two different things but both of them work along with each other but first let talk of Google.

Google was first found in the year 1996 when Larry page and Sergey Brin where using the platform as a practical but now later come through in the year 1998 and received money from some three angel investors known as the amazon.com founder named Jeff Bezos in that same year 1998 why in the year 1999 the Google organization moved to Palo Alta in California and in 2000 the Google platform started advertising funded search engines.

Google Mail Online

While the mail is a communication or written document from one place to another or persons, the mail occurred much late, on this article you will see that Google mail work together. it is also Gmail if you ask whenever you visit the URL of gmail.com and the one of googlemail.com it will direct you to the same place where you can create your Google mail account.

How Does The Google Mail Works?

Emails are securely saved on cloud or web by Google mail, email can be gotten from the internet on any kind of device you use to access it, emails can be read or be draft without any form of connecting to the internet, using a Google mail account you can do anything like making your business known to people all over the world to see.

How Create a Google mail Account

  • Open your browser on your device
  • Go to www.googlemail.com
  • Click on create account under that page
  • Enter your first name, last name, username which is your Google mail address
  • Choose a password and confirm it on the other box
  • Click on next to proceed
  • Enter your mobile number and click next
  • Click on send me verification message on the other page
  • Wait for the verification message to be sent to you
  • After you have receive it open your message box and copy the code
  • Then paste the verification code into the code box
  • Click verify
  • Then click next, it will now take you to your Google mail inbox

That is all; follow these steps very carefully to create your Google mail account.

How to Log in Your Google mail Account

  • Go to www.googlemail.com
  • Enter your email address and click next
  • Log in your password and click next
  • Then it will take you to your Google mail account

This how you can log in your Google mail account and before you can log in on any Google mail account you most have or create a Google mail account first.


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