The above word will be confusing to most people who have not come across the word before, this word Google Gmail is very easy to understand when you commit yourself by doing some research on it you will find it easy to understand. Google is multinational cooperation which is designed to sell advertisements and give it back to the users.

Google Gmail - How Does Gmail Work | Difference Between Gmail and Email

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Google Gmail

It parses user’s messages to decide matches that are advertised and put in ads to email messages. Google Gmail gives the ability to reach deep into the internet and also protect user’s information, it scans multiple purposes that involve the filtered spam and the malware and also adds an advertisement to your email.

Difference Between Gmail and Email

You be wondering is Gmail and email different from each other, so many people do not know that Gmail and email are different people normally misuse the word Gmail as an email I am going to tell you how Gmail and email are different from each other in this article. The difference between two words is not much, the email is used to exchange digital messages on networks used for communication like the internet, while for the Gmail aspect it is the one that provides service for email through  Google.

How Does Gmail Work

You might want to know how Gmail works on the Google platform, this article will show you how Gmail works on Google. Gmail gives free gigabytes of storage to users that are all over the world to send messages to one another in different places of business. Gmail expands email services features like group chat and more, it is made up of many languages and also it was attached up to 20 megabytes in volume.

How to Access Your Gmail

Accessing a Gmail makes you search deep on the internet and expose you more to the net.

For Desktops

  • Go to Gmail on your desktop
  • Click the email box and enter your email address
  • Click next to proceed
  • On the other page fill in your password and click on next

That is all on how to access your Gmail on your desktop

For iPhone

  • Enter your app store in your iPhone
  • Search for Gmail on your search box in that page
  • Enter the Gmail and click on get
  • Enter the password box and put your password inside doing these you can download it on your iPhone
  • Go to your home screen and click on the Gmail icon
  • Enter sign in and click next
  • After that wait for the inbox to load

These steps above will direct you on how you can use your iPhone to access a Gmail

While on Android Devices

  • Download a Gmail app on your android phone
  • Click on the app to open it
  • Click on add account
  • Your password would be required, enter it
  • Then wait for their inbox to load

This is what you need to access your Gmail on your android device. For more info contact the help center.


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