If you’re one of the Google Drive users, the Google Drive iPhone app is truly useful; although it’s no longer the handiest mobile app in its category. Just like the Dropbox iPhone app, box iPhone app, and the One Drive app, Google Drive for iPhone is like a file browser that helps you to see the files you have stored within the cloud. You will need other apps to certainly edit the files or create new ones, but. It brings an acquainted interface for die-hard Google drive customers and always gets the needed job done in no time, but it is not exactly a game-changer in the race to conform smartphone apps for file-syncing and storage.

Google Drive iPhone

Google Drive Review

From the Google Drive app’s interface, you may see info of your files, get sharing links to send them to others, and mark them to be stored offline on your device. Despite all those features, core capabilities, the Google drive application could be much better if only they borrowed a few capabilities from its competitors. It doesn’t have an automatic picture or video upload function, a dropbox, box, and One Drive does. It also does not have the very accessible characteristic located inbox that helps you to add a little comment on a file without having to open it.

If you have a google account which you would have if you have a Gmail account, you would have access to free fifteen-gigabyte cloud storage through the google drive feature. This cloud storage can be used on the iOS smartphone to back up your contacts, photos, videos, and every other file you want to back up. In this tutorial, I would show you just how you can take advantage of this free cloud storage and never have to lose a file again. These files can be accessed on any device with internet access. This would secure your files in case you misplaced your phone or it was stolen.

Use of Google Drive as Backup

There are nice and easy steps you could take to secure your files using the google drive back up cloud storage service follow the steps below to back up your files on google drive.

  • First and foremost, you have to download the google drive app your device app store, install and launch the app.
  • When you launch the app, you would be required to sign in with your Gmail account. To sign in, fill in your google account login credentials.
  • If you have used google drive before, all the files you have saved on your google drive before would now be visible to you.
  • You can hit the blue tab below of the display screen to directly sync items and files from your camera or iCloud service, create new google documents, slides or sheets.
  • Immediately any file appears on your drive, you would have several options in the files menu which could be found at the top right corner of any file.

That is, you can also set your account on auto-sync to continue backing up all of your photos without uploading them manually.

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