This heading will be confusing to many people but I am going to break it down in a way you are going to understand but first let look on Gmail, Gmail is a service that is given by Google to en able users on the internet to send and receive emails, it provide gigabytes for email data storage, this service allows log in access in every month to keep their users active for that month. While email is information that is stored in a computer or device which users exchange during their conversation. It also contains things like files, images and other things that are sent through the network.

Gmail Email

Benefits and Features of Using Gmail Email

  • Gmail Email makes people receive your emails quickly
  • It helps secure your information
  • It charges on a low cost
  • Documents and others can be shared through your email
  • You can receive more than one email at a time

This is the benefits and features that make people use an email for their business and other things to help them safeguard their information. The Gmail Email on the other hand almost has the same benefits with a regular email, under this article am going to be listing other benefits of using a Gmail Email.

  • With Gmail you can have up to 6 email account on your device.
  • You can use multiple app without opening an email account for each of them.
  • Gmail grant the access to customize and change your personalization.
  • It has a very serious security which help to recover your password when you forgot it.

Create a Gmail email account

Well this is very simple. All you need do is;

  • Open your device web browser.
  • Visit the URL
  • On the website, click on the icon indicating you can create a new email address.
  • Provide the information you are asked to and complete the process to sign up for your account.

Now if there are any accounts signed in before, you will have to click on your name and then add new account before continuing with the steps above.

How to Access Your Gmail Email Account

For Desktop

  • Open your browser on your application list
  • Enter
  • Put your email address in the email box and click on next
  • On the other page enter your password and click next again

For IPhones

  • Enter your app store on your iPhone
  • Search for Gmail and click on it
  • Click next and enter your password to download the Gmail app
  • Click on the Gmail icon to open it
  • Enter sign in to proceed and click on next
  • To confirm wait for the inbox to load

On Android Phone

  • Download the Gmail app in your play store
  • Open the Gmail app and click add account
  • Put your password on the password box
  • Wait for the inbox to load to confirm

These are the steps to follow to access your Gmail account on your different devices.

How to Recover My Lost Gmail Email Account

  • All you need is to have a secondary email address
  • Enter forgotten password and click next
  • Enter your full email address on the support page and click next
  • They will ask you some questions to know if you own the account
  • After answering the questions click next

Note if you are not able to answer those questions or a secondary email address all you to do is to click on try different question, the questions they are going to ask you are like your previous password, verify by using code, phone number used to create Gmail account and so much more all you need to do is to keep answering the questions and after answering the questions a confirmation code will be sent to you that all so you can now log in your Gmail account.


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