“Gmail App” Gmail account is an email web server that carries out the responsibility of sending, receiving emails and also securing of information. A Gmail account is said to perform all the activities of an email through the internet or web. The Gmail actually filter spam and malware and also scan more than one email on Gmail accounts.

With the use of third party system email content are coincide through a POP or IMAP on the same pattern. Gmail grants space of one gigabyte to every Gmail account users now the Gmail platform has come out with a new features that is more better than the first one, Gmail has come up with 15 gigabytes of space to enable users to receive messages or emails that is up to 50 megabytes with some features attached to it and is enable users to send emails or messages that is up to 25 megabytes of space.

Gmail App

Gmail App | How Does the Gmail

Emails are securely saved on cloud or web by Gmail, mails can be gotten from the internet on any kind of device you use to access it, emails can be read or be draft without any form of connecting to the internet, using a Gmail account you can do anything like making your business known to people all over the world to see.

Gmail allows users to send over billions of email message to people all over the world, emails travels on the internet and it is stored in a server which is the Gmail itself and this platform is being operated on with an internet connection.

The Features of Gmail

The features of Gmail are very helpful to users that have a Gmail account one of the feature is inline action button these helps to pop up message in a Gmail inbox to give quick access actions that are frequently used. Another feature is the Gmail will nudge you this feature remember you if an email is has not be replied, thirdly is the clickable attachment it comes inline in case you want to open them without opening the message, their still lot of features that are not listed here you will experience them when using your Gmail account on your device.

How Create a Gmail Account

  • Open your browser on your device
  • Go to www.gmail.com
  • Click on “create account” under that page
  • Enter your first name, last name, username which is your Gmail address
  • Choose a password and confirm it on the other box
  • Click on next to proceed
  • Enter your mobile number and click next
  • Click on send me verification message on the other page
  • Wait for the verification message to be sent to you


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