A Gmail is a service which was produced by Google which enables users to get access to their Gmail accounts; people can access Gmail in different ways such as the web and third-party program. Gmail has an incipient space that offers one gigabyte to every user then but for now, Gmail has made it better for their users by making the one gigabyte to fifteen { 15 } gigabyte of space, Gmail users can now send or receive Email that is up to fifteen {15} gigabytes of space.

How to Access Gmail

Gmail Access – Uses and Safety of Gmail

It also has a search-oriented interface and conversation view which is almost the same with the internet forum. You need to access a Gmail because it can be used for shopping on the internet and for business proposes, it has more options when you sign up to their competitors and also communicate with friends that are not close to you very easily. You may have this question in your mind if Gmail is safe! The answer is yes; to access Gmail is very much safer in terms of business and for keeping personal information, Gmail provides you with robust security that cannot be hacked in into by anyonene.

Gmail Access – How to Access Gmail

For you to access a Gmail account you need to have an account on Gmail, this article is going to show you how you can access your Gmail, the steps under this article will direct you on how to access the Gmail by following the steps careful.

For web browser

  • Open the browser on your phone
  • Go to www.gmail .com
  • Log on to your username and password
  • After that click on sign in to proceed

These steps above will direct you on how to access your Gmail on the web browser.

For Android Phone

  • Click on settings app on your application on your device
  • Click add account in the settings
  • Click on Gmail icon and click on existing
  • Enter your email username and password
  • Then click on sign in and wait for the device to sign into the account
  • Then go back to your home screen and click on the Gmail app on the application list, if you find out that the account you added do not appear just click on the email address on the left hand top or your screen and select it there from the drop down menu.

Follow these steps above carefully to get easy access to your Gmail.


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