Fitting into Gods plan

Our God is a God of purpose; He has a purpose and good thought for every individual on planet earth. God has a unique and divine purpose for your existence today. (Jere. 29:11)

Fitting into Gods plan - Gods standard and Principles

For the unique purpose and plan of God concerning your life to be fulfilled, Heaven demand a rightful living from you which is a determinate factor (Gen. 29:8-12).

To fit into Gods own plan, God has some specific standard and principles to govern your life. In order to get this laydown plan purpose fulfilled, your life must be shaped according to these standards and principles which are to govern your life.(2 Tim 2:19, Heb. 12:14).

Fitting into Gods plan – Gods standard and Principles

For you to fit into Gods plan, you must love everything he loves and hates everything he hates. Love not the world neither the things therein. things such as the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life which are not of the father and they that doeth such are not of the father. (John2:15-17, Jame 4:4).brethren, the moment you start giving your heart to the world and its lust; you have automatically made yourself an enemy of God. A friendship of the world is an enmity with God because the worldly things do not fit into Gods plan. Therefore, whoever that make he/her self a friend to the world cannot fit into Gods plan (Jame 4:4)

Our God and savior is fully aware of all the tricks and device of the world. As such, God always gives an instruction and directives to them that are called by his name (his people). Therefore, if you want to fulfill a life destiny, you must diligently hearken (obey) unto Gods instruction. This wills in no doubt enable you to eat the good fruit of the land. (Isaiah 1:19, Deu. 28:1-13)

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

Beloved, when you take a critical study of the Israelite movement (journey) from Egypt to Canaan, you will see clearly the way God pattern their lives with instructions on their journey to the promise land. But on this journey, which is also liken to every one journey on earth to an eternity today, the Israelite contradict the standard and instruction of God which lead to their defeat by a small city called Ai. (Joshua 7:1-13). Whenever we contradict the instruction and standard of God in our life journey, we are automatically waved out of the plan of God. Remember Samson in Judges 13 and 14, King Saul in 1samuel 15:26-28

Beloved in Christ, God will never in any way change his Standard because of anyone. If you want Gods thought and plan to be fulfilled in your life then, you must be ready to fashion your life to fit into Gods own plan.


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