The effects of collapse building in our society are so great. its effects on lives and properties cannot be overemphasized as the damage incurred caused during such an incident is so huge. Yet, this deadly incident has not received good attention to curb it.

There is no doubt that when the consequence of an action is not known, caution is far off. On this note, I will stress on some of the effects of collapse building in our society, country and the world at large.

Destruction of lives –Effects of collapse building in our society

Whenever a building collapse lives are been loss. This does not exclude any kind of house being it residential, industrial, and occupied or under construction. This is because; people are always around every building. The worst of all, these live cannot be recovered in anyway. Base on this fact, proper attention and caution should be taking to advert it.

Destruction of properties

Once a building collapse, properties are been destroy. The destruction of properties in the event of a collapse building can be likely to that of fire disaster. Some victim of this circumstance can’t recover from the lost till their last day on earth.

Environmental effects

In the event of a collapse building, the area and environment in which it happens also experience losses and they are been thrown into shock and fear. The effects of such incident on the environment are unlimited as it affects all sector of the environment. More so, various site of building (Nigeria as a case study collapse) which scattered across the length and breadth of the society is making the environment unhealthy as such collapse building has become a hide out or house to robbers, tout etc.

Drop in economy –Effects of collapse building in our society

The advent of a collapsed building brings about a drop in the economy of the area due to the losses incur in the incident. A building is an investment being it residential or industrial as it is meant to meet a need or want. Reinvesting in it bring reduction in the day to day business sum or amount thereby reducing demand quantity which in turn lead to a drop in the economy.

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