Contact Microsoft is a platform that is created to support Microsoft users who have issues with their accounts. It is created to provide help to Microsoft users, and other business users and can be seen at the top right side of the Microsoft homepage. Occasionally as a user who has an account with Microsoft, you may need help with your Microsoft operating system. Contact Microsoft has several convenient customer support channels that help its users to troubleshoot their various issues faced on their various MS account. Users can easily reach out to the support center by phone, email or online chat to get their problem resolved with the help of a Microsoft professional in no time.

Contact Microsoft - The Most Astonishing ways to Contact Microsoft

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Contact Microsoft

Contact Microsoft is very essential to all users of Microsoft account, it helps resolve their issues or problems faced by MS users to enable them to enjoy their various works using the Microsoft account and also achieve their various goals and objectives.

Contact Microsoft by Phone

If you have any issues or problems in your account, and you don’t know how to resolve it at that moment, you can contact Microsoft through your phone. Kindly follow the steps below.

Find your product key number

The product key number is specified to your product or your device and it can also give you your representative with additional information about your item. This key is 25 alphanumeric characters long, written as five groups of five characters separated by dashes. It is most of the time located on a label on the original box of your product.

  • If you discover that you can’t find your product key you don’t need to worry. A Microsoft representative can always talk you through where to find it depending on what type of Microsoft product or device you have.
  • If you are not calling about a product you paid for, such as windows or office then you skip this step.

Next, you have to locate your warranty if you have it

If you have purchased a warranty on your product or device, locate it. Write down any relevant details such as the length of the warranty for the level of coverage so you can relate it to the Microsoft representative. If you do not have one, you can skip this step.

Call Microsoft +10 to reach a representative

These numbers are just for Nigeria callers. Microsoft accepts calls only from 9 am-5 pm, depending on your country. If you live internationally, consult the Microsoft customer service directly to find the appropriate phone number for support in your country.

State the Issue to the Representative

If you are connected to a representative, explain the nature of the problem you are having. Be sure to let them know how long it’s been going on and the version of the product you are using, if applicable. It is also helpful in other to provide you with your number at the beginning of the call at the point that you unexpectedly get or disconnected.

Microsoft by Email Contact

The platform provided an email address which a Microsoft user can use to reach them for their various issues or problems. There are steps to take in other to reach them by sending a message to the platform email. Follow the steps below to contact Microsoft:

  • Draft an email to describing your issues. Send a message to the email listed explaining the problems your face. Describe how long the problem has been going on and whether the issues have been consistent or intermittent. Be very sure to describe any relevant circumstances about when your issues began.
  • Include the product key and any relevant warranty information. Always make sure that you include the relevant details of your Microsoft device or product in your email while sending the message, including the product key number if you have. It should be located on the original packaging.
  • Include your contact information so the support person can follow up.
  • It is important to include your contact information, so your Microsoft support technician can reach you to discuss the problem. You can also indicate in your message whether you will like to be contacted back by email or phone.

Microsoft Contact by Online Chat

Microsoft has made it easier to contact them, by providing online chat where you can communicate with their representatives through chat. Below are ways to reach the contact Microsoft through chat:

  • Browse to Microsoft’s online chat portal: Click the blue “get started” button in the middle of the page to launch a chat dialog box. Make sure you enable pop-ups from the website, you are able to use the chat.
  • Describe the nature of your problem: It has a virtual assistant, which attempts to connect you with existing troubleshooting content online. If you feel confident you can be able to fix the problems yourself with the right online guide, describe your problem fully. Please note that the virtual assistant is not a human, but you can change that using the third step.
  • Say I want to talk to a live representative: when you type this the virtual assistant will immediately connect you with a live Microsoft representative if you simply ask to.

When connected, provide your product key, any relevant warranty information, and details of your problem. Note that contact Microsoft either by mail, phone or chat is only meant for the user to discuss their various problems facing on their Microsoft account.


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