Common Problems in Marriage.

Some of the common problems in the marriage of the 21st-century that needs urgent attention are stated below.

Common Problems in Marriage - Infidelity

1) Use of Phones, I-pads, and Laptops.

The use of the above mentioned electric machines and several others are becoming a kind of epidemics to marriages because couples are using them wrong in so many ways.

I will like to use this medium to advise couples mostly wives to be careful about how they searched their husband phones etc vice-verser

2) Dressing (Esther. 5:1-3).

As a matter of facts, one needs to dress or appear the way his or her spouse likes and want, not the way his or her friends’ parent. (Matt. 19:5), relatives, co-workers etc. want or like.

3) Party/Ceremonial Mindedness.

This is one of the common problems in marriage facing marriages today. It is caused by spouses who are ceremonial minded fall into diversities of problems due to satanic enticement mostly, for those who lack self-control.

There is a great difference between your marriage life and that of your bachelorhood and spinsterhood, bachelor and spinsterhood, freedom of movement, speech, dressing even eating and drinking etc. is of no restriction,  but martially is limited because you are now under the control of someone, take note. Someone with all the right to censor and censure your movement and activities, (1 Cor. 15:33-34) this was Paul’s quotation from the third century B.C. of an Athenian writer called “Menander” shows that our lives are influenced by what we see, hear, believe and with who we associate. Therefore your best and closest friend, brother, sister, father or mother etc. is your spouse, because he/she is your life co-planner, together in sufferings and enjoyment. (1 Cor. 5:8, Ecc. 9:9).

4) Infidelity In Marriage (Proverbs 5:3-8, 19).

This is the act of unfaithfulness to one’s wife and husband by having intercourse or sex with someone else. (Extramarital affair). And is destructive to marriage, apart from being sin in the sight of God, the external partners try harder to played pretentiously and morally to enable them destroyed the struggled to laid foundation leading to marriage, love and sweetness diminished, therefore it is not advisable and should not be practiced rather it should be avoided.

Control Measure.

Infidelity can only be avoided through self-control and self-discipline because lust is not afraid of anyone, either single or married, but it can only be avoided through self-control and self-discipline because lust is not afraid of anyone, either single or married, but it can only be avoided through self-control. II Sam 11: 2-5, Det. 22:22. Sincerely marriage doesn’t cure lust but self-control and constant and fervent prayer are the requirements to overcome lust, as it doesn’t have regard for your reputation and position in Christ and the society at large; one may be Solomon in wisdom, David in praise and battle, Abraham in faith, or Joshua in war, but if you are not Joseph in self-control or discipline, you will end up in destruction like Samson. I hereby advise couples to please tell their partners their likes and dislikes.

5) Negligence of Individual Responsibility (I Tim 5: 8, Titus 1:16).

Marital love became corrosive when responsibilities are neglected. It is of great importance and effect for husband and wife to know their responsibilities and carry them squarely.

Many marriages are hitting the rock because of this problem imagine a situation whereby the wife pays bills such as house rent, electricity bill, children school fee, as far as financing the food or feeding of the house, Gen 3:16 b, this is a great error that can easily damage or destroyed marriage in the shortest time, the woman can render help in these areas as marriage have no boundary in activities. But in a situation whereby the husband served the duty of cooking, washing of clothes, general clean up, preparing children for school, ironing his clothes all the time etc. can destroy marriage love.

6) Foundational Problems.

This problem in most cases is the highest challenge facing marriage in the past and present age. This is because it can generate from one person to another. e.g mother to daughters, father to sons. Is a kind of heritage which might be good or bad. In some families, is upbringing, (Prov. 22:6, Heb 12:7-8) lack of discipline, but the most difficult one is the spiritual background.

Family Idoles.

Some families have one idol or the other in which their forefathers served and have invoked or mentioned the born and unborn children of the family from one general to another into such idol or spirit ignorantly, because Spirit is seedless, immortal, they will monitor that vow from generation to generation to perfect the fulfillment in the lives of newly born and novice children. These need fueling effort of constant prayer with devotion to the will of God to enable such persons to overcome or call for family deliverance prayer.

7) Parental Lifestyle – Common Problems in                   Marriage.

Another one is the way or lifestyle of parents, it becomes epidemic, if it is imitated depends on the parent’s lifestyle. A good thing is better to be copied but foolishly one may copy a bad lifestyle. Can a wise man copy the lifestyle of someone whom he saw the pains that the person went through or undergo? No wonder, Apostle Paul told the church at Corinth to imitate him as he imitated Christ. I Cor 11:1


Take a proper look of your family background and correct the error in your time and position.

7) Lak of Contentment (I Tim 6:6, Heb 13:5).

As the saying goes, beware of imitation. Marriage without contentment will or may not last. When a man appreciates the little given to him or her then the bigger will come. Because a patient dog eats the fattest bone, and the green pasture always looks greener in the neighbors’ lodge. Learn to be satisfied no matter what.

8) Wrong Councilor (1 Corinthians 15:33).

Do not take counsel from those who fail in your department, but those who succeed because to some marriage is a contract to others is a bondage, etc. People counsel marriage with the understanding they have, be wise over people you report your marriage marital problems and cases to before it crash land. Counseling is one among the seven Spirit of God, recorded in Isa 11:2. He who is without the spirit of God can’t counsel, and if he did he won’t yield any profitable result, rather it will scatter the well-laid foundation.

Before any marital report or judgment, it means there is a problem or figh. Therefore, if the report is given to the wrong person, the solution may not be found.

 If an abnormality in health is reported to unknowledgeable medical personnel, the outcome may either prolong the sickness or worsten it. This can also damage the patient life. Therefore, carefulness is needed in the area of reporting marital cases. To those who can tolerate, stomach and forgive willingly without judgment is most advisable.

9) Childlessness – Common Problems in Marriage.

Some marriages are having this challenge but for it demands patience, devotion, and prayers. With medical help, if need be. Gen 18:13-14., Deut. 7:14, Ex. 23:26.




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