Christians in politics

Christians in politics? The involvement of a through Christians in politic is of great importance. Yet, Christians have never found it important due to the way the people of the world are playing the game of politic. This has not change the fact of christians marginalization. Not until Christians begin to see their self in governmental offices, Christians will continue to undergo marginalization and persecution in the affairs of the country.

Persecution of Christians due to lack of involvement in politics.

in the book of Act, of the apostles chapter 9 verse 1down the bible stated clearly how the high priest delightedly grant Saul the permission to go to Damascus to destroy the Christians. This permission was as a result of lack of involvement of Christians in the leadership offices of the land.

Election between Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Barabbas

It was clearly recorded in the Holy Bible how the argument for who to be saved or killed fall in favour of Barabbas the criminal who really deserves to die and turned against our dear Lord Jesus Christ. (Luke 23: 1 – 14)

Christians in politics - Election between Jesus and Barabbas

Yes, we will say or argue that it is the plan of God for him so that prophecy can be fulfilled. In this same vein,  it should be clear that why all his accusers were present in the venue to accuse him of the crime he never committed, believers and his followers, were absent at the venue given more echo to the voice of his enemies his accuser. This eventually brought him to the cross of crusifixtion.

Why were the followers and disciples absent?

The disciples and followers were absent due to the following reasons

  1. Fear of death –  Christians in politics
  2. Praying in place of acting – Christians in politics

Many at times Christians miss understand the place of prayer, faith and acting. A strong and fire brand Christian who went to the farm without cutlass and begging to pray God to clear his or her farm land he/she is simply practicing madness as he or she is tempting God.

why some praying Christians are poor

This is also the reason why many are so poor in the church. this is because they believe that praying without doing anything will bring their wealth. In this contest, they were probably in a room praying instead of standing by at the venue echoing their voice and praying same time. This is exactly what is happening in our present day society, state, local government and country at large. I want to use this medium to awaken Christians from their slumber and take the bull by the horn.


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