challenges facing Civil engineering

There are many challenges facing the civil engineering firm today. Today, civil engineering firms face a serious challenge in our society. These challenge evolved from a single source which I call the parent of engineering challenge.

The parent challenge of engineering

This is the challenge that gives birth to many challenges in the field of engineering. corruption is the parent challenge facing the construction firm on the side of the contract clients. Corruption has been the parent of all challenge as it covers every other aspect of humanity.

There is numerous challenge facing the engineering field most especially the construction/civil engineering. These challenges can be traced to the contract document as many contracts are been awarded based on percentage. Directly or indirectly, the payment of these percentage s which will be given to head and subhead of the different departments that are involved in the billing of the contract has a great effect on the entire job. The effects of this seed are so numerous to be mentioned but few are alighted below.

Substandard materials – challenges facing Civil engineering

Many of the jobs done today are carried out with substandard materials. these materials easily wear out in no distance time. The reason for this act is due to the fact that the money that ought to be used for the job has be reduced. this reduction is caused by the payment of different percentage to different head and subhead of those departments involved. As a result, the company embarked on substandard material rather than the quality that ought to be used just to make sure the job is done since they don’t want to lose the job.

Substandard contractors/engineer

For the fact that those given out the contract need so much money from it, they award the contract to their loyalty that will at any time dance to their tone. In this case, hey don’t considered professional rather, they consider what they will get at the end of the job.

In most cases, they enter an agreement with the contractor whether they are expert or not to do what they want in order for them to achieve their selfish interest and desire. More also, marketing has become conversations that are initiated in the client universe and your challenge is to become part of the conversation.

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