Hello everyone, you are welcome and today I have with you a new topic that says Black Friday on Laptops. Have you come to think of it if you can access the black Friday deals on your laptops? We all know that there are lots of different Black Friday deals on the internet, we have Amazon, Jumia, and lots more. But what I want to discuss with you is just about only one online shopping store called Jumia and we are going to see if we can access their black Friday deals on laptops. Let us not back out of this article, we should keep on reading it because there are lots of things you will get from it.

Black Friday on Laptops - Jumia Black Friday - How to Create Jumia Account

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Black Friday on Laptops

We all know that Jumia is an online shopping platform where all kinds of goods are sold. We have baby stuff, phones, electronics, foodstuffs, even laptops, clothes, watch, and so much more of them. The only thing that cannot be sold on this platform is cars, bikes, houses, medical service, and more. If you have been on the Jumia store or website before, you should be able to understand what I am talking about.

You can order for your favorite stuff from Jumia and you are allowed to choose your payment option by choosing either door delivery which is payment by delivery. The payment by delivery is when the package you ordered forgets to you that is when you make your payment while the second one is making payment online and you must have the Jumia pay app on your mobile device if you are using a smartphone.

Jumia Black Friday

Back to the Black Friday stuff, we have up there, in this service when it comes to Jumia it is the day when goods price is drop down by 50 to 80 percent off the normal price. Let me say what you are buying for 100 thousand before will now turn to 50 or 45 thousand. And you know what it means, the prices are now reduced due to this black Friday service that they are having.

It is possible to access the Jumia black Friday deals on your laptops of you are not with your smartphone, what you do is just to access the site and you will see different kinds of products that have been dropped down off their normal prices. But before you can access the Jumia black Friday deals on your laptop, you must have an account with them to tell them that you are a user and you want to buy their product. Quickly let me look into the process of creating this account.

How to Create Jumia Account

For you to be able to create it sign up for a Jumia account there are things you need to do first and those things are what will make you a user.

  • The first thing is to visit their website by going to Jumia on your browser.
  • Then you will see the login button at the top of the screen, click it and wait for the next step.
  • Now, you have to click the create account button on the drop-down page, and then enter all the required information required of you in the sign-up page.

When you are done with all the steps and you finish providing the requirements required of you, you can now click on the create button below it and that is all for creating a Jumia account. Know that, the Jumia Black Friday service is already on since last week Friday and this other Friday comes another one, you just have to be patient for the other black Friday to come and I assure you that you will love their offers.


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