Today I am going to tell you about the Amazon Gift Card. Have you heard of Amazon gift card before or know what Amazon is? Do you know what the  Amazon gift card is used for, the gift card can be used for buying items from the Amazon online store. The gift card can be gotten from any card stores all over the world. You can’t make use of Amazon gift cards to purchase anything on Amazon without signing up an account on Amazon.

Amazon Gift Card - Amazon Registration - How to Get A Free Gift Card on Amazon

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Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is an online selling and buying or online marketplace platform where you can make purchases of goods or products. You as well delete your gift card from your Amazon account but first, let see how to sign up for an Amazon account.

Amazon Registration

Creating an Amazon account gives you full access to the platform. The steps below will serve as guidelines for you.

  • Launch your web browser on your device or system.
  • Then go to Amazon and click on “account and lists.”
  • And click on the “your account” button.
  • Then click the link at the top of the homepage and then tap the “Create” button below.
  • Enter your name, email address, and password.
  • Next is to re-type the password again on the box below.
  • And click create an Amazon account below.
  • You have to enter the characters you see and type them inside the box.
  • And click create.

After filling in your personal details you have to verify your account. A code will be sent to your email inbox, log in your email account and copy the code from your email inbox. Paste the code into the code box and click verify. After verifying the account, you can edit your account on the next page. When you are through with the editing process, you can now click done.

How to Get A Free Gift Card on Amazon

For someone or to get or buy a gift card on amazon, there is something you have to do first. The steps below will lead you on how you can get the card on amazon so follow the steps below very carefully.

  • When you log in to your Amazon account with the amazon website URL, and when you get to the Amazon homepage. You will find the gift card option there.
  • Click on the gift cards option and you will be directed to a new page.
  • On that page, they will show you how do you like for your card to be delivered.
  • Make your choice by picking the design and pattern which you want your card to look like and click “Add to Cart”.
  • To continue, proceed to checkout and provide your details or the information of the person you want to send the card, that if you are sending it to someone else.
  • The address of the person or your personal address and enter the payment details and then you can place your order.

After doing all of these steps that have been listed above, in no time the card will be sent or mailed to your location or the person location that you want to send it to.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

For you to redeem your Amazon gift card you just have to follow the steps in these articles. Go to Amazon on your web browser and click on “account and lists.” Then click your account and click gift cards. Tap the redeem button to redeem the gift card and also, you can reload your card balance too on the page. To redeem your gift card, click on it and enter the claim code on your gift card and click “Apply to your balance.”

How to Delete Amazon Gift Card From My Account

You can delete a gift card from your Amazon account it is very easy to do. If you want to delete the gift card from your account, you have to apply these steps that we’re going the list below the article.

  • First, you have to visit the Amazon website on your web browser.
  • Type in Amazon and click “account and lists” at the top of your screen.
  • Then click on the “your account” button and click payment options below.
  • And click the payment method you want to take off and click delete.
  • Then confirm the process by clicking confirm the delete.

These are the steps that you can delete a gift card from your Amazon account.


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