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Marriage Hierarchy – Man Position In Marriage

Marriage Hierarchy (GEN. 3:16) Marriage comprises of two persons yet has leadership setting (hierarchy) just like the government setting. The Husband – Hierarchy In Marriage I want to start by saying no female in any office who will give a maximum respect to her boss. No matter the situation in the office, whether been offended or not… Read More »

Successful Marriage – Faith – Love And Its Characteristics

Keys To A Successful Marriage. Marriage is wide and deep that one cannot fathom its totality. But below are. Some of the highlighted keys for a peaceful and successful marriage that will have a lifetime lasting factor. I call it a map for a successful marriage. Is Marriage A Good Investment? One question that I often… Read More »

Marriage – The School Call Marriage – Purpose And Sex

The School Call Marriage. Marriage: Text Romans 13:10 Definition: Over hundreds of definitions have been given to the word, marriage. But commonly and scripturally, marriage is an institution ordained or established by God, but with diversities of understanding. (Gen. 1:27, Gen. 2:18-250). It is also the coming together of a matured minded man and woman… Read More »

Materials Estimations of Building – Concrete volume and Mixing Ratio

Materials Estimation of Building.(MEB) Concrete Volume Calculation To calculate the amount of concrete that is needed for a particular job, we must be acquitted with the following Mixing ratio Density of ordinary Portland cement =1440kg/m3 Density of sharp sand and shipping or gravel.=1600kg/m3 1000kg=1tonne 1 tone = 0.63m3 for both sand and gravel Water cement… Read More »

Who Owned Your Life – Manual of Life

Who Owned Your Life?  What is life? The principle or force consider underlining the distinctive quality of animate being, is what is term life. What is living has life and moved. While in death movement ceased. Again, life can be defined as the ability to breathe, grow, reproduce which people, animals, and plants have before… Read More »

Christianity and Politics – Ways of Coming into Power

Christianity and Politics (By Pst. Innocent O. Philip) Should Christians Be Involved In Politics? The involvement of Christians in politics has been a challenge and a bone of contention within and outside the Christian race (Christendom). What is Christianity? Christianity is derived from the word Christian which simply means biblically “Christ-like”. But for the purpose… Read More »

Excavation of Building Foundation Trench – Methods of Excavation

Excavation of Building Foundation Trench. What is Excavation? This is the remover of the topsoil to a reasonable depth along the foundation line as set out on the profile to get a more firm ground (soil) that can withstand the building load on which the foundation concrete is been laid. Why Should We Remove Topsoil?… Read More »

Time – What Is Time

No Time! …..Ecclesiastes 3:1 – 22 What Is Time? This is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. I woke up very late; there was no time to tell HIM good morning and ask HIM for direction because I had to hurry to work. I could not tell somebody about HIM throughout the… Read More »

Profile Boards Placement – Excavation and Wall Width

Profile Boards Placement What is a building profile board? A building ‘profile boards’ is a board used to transfer the plan outline of a building onto the ground. Profile boards are held securely in one place and are made level and parallel to the floor. see figure below.   Establishment Of Excavation Width And Wall Thickness On The Profile Boards     The… Read More »