Preparation for a successful marriage

As a single boy or girl, adequate preparation for a successful marriage should be made before barking on marriage. As a matter of fact, there are things you must be well equipped with before embarking on the unending journey called marriage. Below are the selected important things as regard preparation for a successful marriage.

Preparation for a successful marriage

Before alighting the important things, one must understand here that, there is a great difference between marriage celebration and the marriage itself. Many singles boys and girls glamour over the celebration forgetting the marriage itself thereby falling a victim of marriage failure. It should be noted that marriage begins after the celebration when all friends, parents, relatives and well-wishers have all gone to their various home. The powerful tool as regard preparation for a successful marriage is communication.


Communication is a powerful key in preparing for a successful marriage and it starts when you are dating. Since you will soon be a team, it is important that you are able to talk openly together about anything and everything! As a couple to be, you will need to communicate about the following.

Family –Preparation for a successful marriage

When you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. As singles preparing marriage, you must discuss about your future family, how you want it to look like and what you want it to be. On this you should ask the following questions.

  • How long after getting married would you want to wait to have children
  • Do you want to have children? If yes how many?
  • How are you going to care for the children?
  • Will both of you go to work?
  • Will employ the service of someone (nannie) in the care of your children?


Money is a powerful tool in the affairs of every family. Whenever there is misappropriation of money in a family, the family runs into problem. As a result everyone preparing to married should planned their finance by asking the following questions

  • What is your source of income? How do you plan to expand or increase it?
  • What are your saving skill and schedule?
  • What are our financial goals?
  • Do you work with budget?
  • Would you have joint banking accounts or separate? 

Intimacy – Preparation for a successful marriage

The time spent together in a relationship help in dealing with so many things that could stand as barrier. Good time should be spent together. On this you need to ask questions like;

  • Are you a sex addict? Do love sex so much? How long can you stay without sex?
  • Do you have boundary to sex?
  • Is there any physical attraction? If yes, if excluded what will bind the relationship?
  • Do you believe in cheating? If yes, what do you consider as cheating?
  • How much time should be spent with friends and relative?

Household roles

This comprises of the domestic work in the house. In this area, culture plays its role in some part of the world in many homes if the man is so culture conscious. For instance, in some part of Africa countries, it is believe that the woman is the one to do all domestic work. Though, many are trying to change this notion nowadays. Therefore, the following questions should be asked.

  • Are you a traditionist? If yes, how do you go about it in your home?
  • How do you tend to manage and make your marriage a happy one?
  • What are your expectations or each of your roles in marriage?
  • What is your religion?
  • Will religion play a part in your marriage life?


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