There are many hidden facts about the Holy Bible that worth knowing for better understanding. The more facts we know the deeper our understanding of the Holy Bible. Below is an explicit note about the Holy Bible

Composition –Hidden facts about the Holy Bible

The Bible consists of two great parts. The two great parts are called the Old Testament and the New Testaments which are further divided into sixty-six books. These two Testaments are separated by an interval of nearly four hundred years.

The Old Testaments and the New Testament

The Old Testament consists of thirty-nine of the sixty-six book in the Holy Bible while the New Testament consist of twenty-seven books

The Nature of the books

The books are literally in themselves being written in every known form of old literature. As such, they form the following order

Hidden facts about the Holy Bible - The Bible Uniqueness

Twenty-two of the books are historical

Five are of them are poetical

Eighteen of the books are prophetical

Twenty-one of the books are epistolarythat the Holy Bible contain logical arguments, poetry, songs and hymns, history, biography, stories, parables, fables, eloquence, law, letters, and philosophy. All are to help in tailoring man’s part to the direction of his creator.

The Holy Bible is written by about thirty-six different authors, who wrote in three languages, under different circumstance, in many countries and from every possible human point of view. The writing of the Holy Bible was not restricted to a set of people. As such, we have authors who were kings, farmers, mechanics, scientist, lawyers, generals, fishermen, ministers and priests, tax-collector, doctor, rich men, poor men, city bred and country born. This is to touching all the experiences of men which extend over 1500 years.

The Bible Uniqueness

Despite the fact that different language are used in writting the Holy Bible, in different country and circumstance,it all pinot at one thing, all the writings point at one thing which is the salvation of mankind. This therefore made clear to us that God is the original author of the Holy Bible. The Holy Spirit is the giver of every inspiration of the Holy Bible scriptures.

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